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August 28, 2011

Where Is The Local News?

I woke up the yesterday with national news on our television covering the damaging hurricane Irene that travels in the path from the south all the way to the north path of the east coast, from Bahamas to South Carolina and all the way pass New York City the following day or today. They cover the path of the hurricane extensively from state to state. In a glimpse of few seconds, a fire in Yosemite caused by an explosion of a mobile home profane tank caused a 3,000 acres in the Yosemite area, and that caught my attention because we are currently here in northern California, just few hours travel to Yosemite. I decided to tune in further to the national news channel in case they give more details about the Yosemite fire, but majority of the news they talked about is the hurricane in the east coast.

We decided to head to a local news channel to see if they cover more about the Yosemite fire that is currently going on since its a local news so we assume that they cover more local happenings, more than they cover other state news. To our dismay, the local news are fixated talking about hurricane Irene as well, which is on the opposite side of the United States. Having a 3,000 acres fire near one of the most popular national park in the world is a huge news and need to be concern about. Unfortunately, its hard to even learn more about it in the local news channels, when they prefer to cover more on the hurricane Irene. We do specifically watch the news two days in a row to specifically know about what is going in with hurricane Irene, but knowing that there is a big fire in northern CA that came up, its good if the local news will cover that news too, so local people will be informed, be safe, and know what is going on in their own backyard. 

October 15, 2008

Northern California Sunset

Heading back to our place one late afternoon, we came across the setting sun glowing so beautifully in the sky of northern California! The sky was filled with the golden rays of the sun, it was amazingly stunning!

No special effects or enhancement were ever done in the photos above, these photos were taken at the time, as is! Hope you enjoy the photographs too.
Fall in love with nature again, its all around us and they constantly here to surprise us! Enjoy nature for your advantage.
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September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike Making Landfall In Texas

After days of following hurricane Ike as it cruised through from the atlantic ocean to the gulf sea, it is only few hours away from making landfall in the coast of Texas. But even before the hurricane Ike arrives in the coast, there are already huge waves crashing againts the sea wall, and the wind is blowing violently and strong, just throwing sea water all over the place as if shaking a a bottle of water. The water surge caused by hurricane Ike may be huge and may go up higher than the sea wall, thats why it is not safe to be anywhere near the coastline at anytime during the landfall. If you are out there sightseeing and thinking it is fun to watch the waves, you shouldnt be doing that and put your life at risk instead it is advisable to take cover and stay away from the storm and stay on higher ground. No one never knows how mother nature behaves at all times, so it is best to be safe and stay in high ground as much as you can when you are near the hurricane Ike storm right now. I experienced typoons in the past, and hurricane is almost the same type of storm. Hurricanes can be violent and deadly specially when near body of water like the ocean. Winds can throw anything strong and violently that comes in its path, so stay indoor during the storm to avoid any flying debris, which is pretty common in times of hurricanes and typoons.

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August 31, 2008

High Noon Triple Digit Temperature Nightmare

The other day, our weather temperature hit around 106 degrees fahrenheit at high noon. In the middle of the day, i came out to do some stuff around in the yard when all of a sudden i heard a weird noise coming from the central air conditioning unit we have. I called my hubby regarding the problem, which was a huge problem because it was in the middle of the day and the sun was burning way hot, one of the hottest day of the year we ever have this year! Having a problem in the HVAC unit was not a good thing because we dont have another options to keep the house cool down. Our fan is not very reliable to beat a temperature as hot as 106 degrees fahrenheit. So we literally had no other choice but called an HVAC Repair company to take a look at the broken unit. The repair technician showed up around an hour later, and his diagnosis required a major part of the unit ready to give up and needed replacement. What else could be the worst thing that could happen during a triple digit temperature at noon time than having a broken air conditioning unit that needed repair and cost hundreds of dollars in parts and service labor.

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August 27, 2008

A Glance At Extreme Weather Conditions In The USA

I notice how different the weather can be depending on where you live in the United States. In the west like CA, the weather can go extremely hot specially on the summer season, and there are times that gust and wind conditions in a dry, hot days are high fire danger. On the northwest like Washington and Oregon, they normally have rain and clouds there, and during winter season, it can get really cold and icy out there, just like most northern states. Living in the southern states are also vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical depressions. And in the mid US, some of the states are part of what is called the tornado alley, states where tornadoes are likely to hit and pass. No one really wants to experience any of these extreme weather conditions. If we can ever control the weather, we all probably want a nice cool summer day!

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May 6, 2008

Our Moose Bumped The Screen Door

We recently installed a new screen door for the door inorder to add more ventilation inside the house specially this summer time when every little bit of air breeze will definitely help.

Earlier this evening, our pet dog whom we regularly call a moose because she likes to moose around a lot, was outside for a potty call. We decided to let our pet dog stayed outside for a while so she can stretch and unwind a little bit more. So we decided to have the screen door close while waiting for her inorder to keep the bugs like mosquitoes out. Our lights inside the house was on and it was dark outside, so the screen door almost look invisible, atleast to our dog anyway, because all of a sudden we heard a big bang coming from the screen door. We realized that our dog run fast towards the door and didnt realize that the screen door was there. She ended up bending the screen door framing. She back up away from the screen door, and probably realized her big oppsy, sat in front of it and waited for us to open the screen door for her.

Note: Our dog is okey and doing great...relaxing right now....

April 8, 2008

Spring Time In California

During spring time and summer time, thats when you really feel what California is all about, lots of sun! Its only like yesterday when I came out wearing jackets and long sleeves, but these days been so hot, it is hard to last outside wearing thick clothings anymore.

Personally, I prefer coming out during spring time rather than summer time because the sun is not yet burning hot. The closer it gets to summer time, the more the temperatures goes to three digits and its uncomfortable and quite unsafe to be outside when it gets that hot, specially when you are in the car, the aircon may help while on the road, but getting in and out of the car is usually the worst part in the summer because you need to cool the car down before you can get in, and then after its been setting for awhile under the sun, it gets oven hot...

Currently, we have plenty of blooming daffodils, so its great to see colorful flowers in the yard again specially after months of winter. Last year, we planted hundreds of daffodils bulbs that we bought bulk from a warehouse store, so it is great to finally see all our hardwork come to life :-) Most of the daffodil flowers that we planted last fall are currently blooming for the first time this couple of weeks, so it is definitely worth it doing all the dirty works digging holes, dropping the bulbs in the ground and covering them with dirt! The hardworks and hard labor definitely paid off, big time.

February 4, 2008

Ground Hog Day

The other day, February 2 2007, was officially called the Ground Hog Day. I am personally not familiar with the animal Ground Hog, but according to my hubby that Ground Hog day is determining if winter is over or not yet over. When you lift the Ground Hog up into the air, and if it will create a shadow, then it means that there is still six (6) more weeks of winter! On the other hand, if the Ground Hog will not create a shadow when its lifted up, then it means that winter will be ending soon.

While watching the telivision the other day, on Ground Hog Day, we came across a NEWS show at KCRA and they had a segment in their show regarding the Ground Hog Day, where they actually had a Ground Hog animal that they lifted up, and guess what, it created a shadow! And you know what it means, there is six more weeks of winter! And we are so so ready to have some sunshine right now.

We live in CA so its dry and hot here during the summer, so we could definitely take more snow to give some more moisture in the ground, but not yet, because the snow that we had from all the successive winter storms that we had these past few weeks are still not melting, and we dont want to add anymore feet of snow in the file, that are quickly turning into heavy ice. We live near Lake Tahoe, if you are wondering how come we have snow here in northern CA!

January 20, 2008

Sunday And Gloomy

One of my favorite day of the week is Sunday, its a weekend, no rush waking up, no rush going somewhere. But when I opened the Weather Channel this morning the forecast for our area is gonna be raining for the rest of the week, supposedly starting tommorrow Monday and up to around Thursday. But i think the rain storm is moving in early, because it looks cold and dark outside with all the rain clouds moving in already here in northern CA. There is no sign of the blue sky nor the sun, just gray sky in sight.

But on the brighter side, we are not going somewhere today, we can just relax, watch TV, or do some blogging. We have leftover spaghetti sauce from the other night, and some Round Table King Arthur Supreme Pizza from last night, so its gonna be a tasteful meal without having to go through a lot of work cooking. I just need to boil some water and cook some spaghetti noodles to go with the left-over sauce. Might have to eat the spaghetti meal first because its older compare to the pizza and i think spaghetti sauce cannot be stored very long time even when refrigerated, or its gonna spoil.

Normally, when we prepare spaghetti sauce, we take note of the cooking date to make sure that we know how long its been in the refrigerator. When its more than 4-7 days old, we usually dont use it anymore, I am not certain the shelf-life of spaghetti sauce, but sometimes its always better to be safe than sorry, having it set for so long in the refrigerator might be unhealthy, so its important that you know the date of cooking so you can decide when its too old to eat anymore.

January 12, 2008

Warm Air In And Cold Air Out

During winter times, we usually keep the heater on whole day. Many households have automatic timers for their heater nowadays so that it will automatically turn on and off according to the specified temperature. But even if we have heaters, fireplaces, gas heater, and/or wood burning stove on most days during winter or cold season, there is no excuse why we should waste heat energy and not be economical about our heat resources. To save some on your electricity bill, gas, wood, or wood pellets, trying to make your home warm this season, there are some things that we can do to make the house warm and stay warm:

Windows Closed Tight. If possible, dont open the windows because it will be wide route for the warm air in the house to escape right away, and you are allowing the cold air outside to go into the house easier, which would make the house colder faster everytime you often the windows. If you have blinds and drapes in your window, it would be better if you close them to so that it will help block the cold even more. Drapes with lining works the best in blocking the cold in the window, and keeping the warm air in.

Open Doors Only When Needed. Just like the windows, doors are big opening that will easily allow warm air to escape and let the cold air to get in. Try to minimize opening the door all the time, only open them when you needed to, and dont let it open too long because it will only take few minutes for the air to escape, and before you know it, you need to turn your heater up again, eating more energy.

Temporary Seal Unused Vents. For example, if you are using the wood burning stove, not the central electric heater in the house, then you might want to try to cover the heater vents (only if they are in used), specially if they are run through the areas in your house that are not insulated, and the vent is not wrapped with insulation. Non-insulated heater vents that have direct exposure to the temperature outside, and is connected directly to several rooms of the house, will be another way for cold air to get through inside.

December 9, 2007

Are You Winterized?

Are you ready for winter? For countries like US and Europe where winter happens every year, there are some things that you need specifically for winter time and get yourself ready for it.

Warm Up. It is always good to be sure that your heater is up and running, or your wood burning stove and fireplaces are clean and ready for winter wood burning again. For those who use and depend mainly on eletric heaters, winter storms can cause power outtage and it would be better to have a back-up heater on hand like gas heater, wood burning stove and/or fireplaces.

Bundle Up. It is time to dig the winter clothes again, sweaters, jackets, coats, warmers, etc. Many people advise to practice clothes layering where you can stay warm safely and if it gets really hot, you can remove the outer layer and still have more clothings to keep you warm for the cold weather.

Hot and Warm Drinks. What can make you feel better this cold freezing temperature than a cup of hot choco or eggnog. Also great to warm up your body easily during this chilling time is a warm chicken soup or a quick fix and inexpensive noodle soup.

Non-Slip Gears. With freezing temperature outside, standing water and moist areas could easily turn into ice even your decks and driveways. It is hard to see sometimes but if you walk on an icy area it is definitely very slippery and very dangerous. Try to de-ice this areas by having bags of salt handy that you can spread to the icy area, and it is advisable that you put a shoe chain in your rubber shoes or boots to gain some additional tractions.

Protect Your Eyes. During snow days, it would be best to wear some eye-protection with proper shading on it to protect your eyes. Frequent exposure to the bright snow without any eyewear with some kind of shading can be very damaging to your eyes, so better safe than sorry. Safety first is always a great idea!

Tire Chain and Shovels. If you plan to travel in a snowy day, it would not hurt to carry a tire chains with you incase it gets really heavy and stormy, and for those who are not driving a four-wheel drive in a snowy day, it would be quite a challenge and the road might be slippery when icy or snowed on, and having tire chains handy is not a bad idea. And shovels. Nowadays, you can buy portable shovels that you can easily place in the trank of your car everyday that you can use in times of need specially during snowy day and your tire get stuck and the only way to unstuck is dig around the tire, if you dont have shovels, digging the snow by hand and frezzing it is not a good idea.

Retain Indoor Heat. To avoid loose of so much heat in your house, it would be best to use double-pane windows. Also try to avoid opening the doors and windows often/constantly to avoid the cold air to get in to your house and the heat to escape. Try to close the window blinds and drapes preferably with rubber-backing to help keep the cold air in the window from travelling further to the room or to avoid the room heat escape to a bare window.

Happy Holidays!

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