October 18, 2007

Shopping clothes online that fits

With the conveniece of online shopping and finding better deals of clothes online compare to the ones sold in botiques and brick-and-mortar shops, more and more people are shopping online for clothes. But there is nothing as frustrating as buying clothes online and only to realize that the clothes you bought will not fit you! But dont despair, there are some things you can do to avoid this unfortunate event and make your online shopping more pleasant and fun!

Below are some tips that will help you buy the right clothes online that fits:

KNOW YOUR SIZE. When you buy clothes online, you really cannot grab the clothes from the monitor and go to the dressing room to check for fit. But if you know your sizes like bust, hips, waistline, shoulders, etc, you are surely armed with a better chance of getting the right clothes that will fit you because online clothing store will usually provide size chart related to the clothes that the store is selling.

GIRLS, JUNIORS, MISSES SIZES. By just staring at the photos, sometimes you cannot really tell if the clothing is meant for girls, juniors, or misses. So if you familiarize yourself with the different sizing, you will have a better chance of getting the right size that will fit you. Just like in the department store, there is a kid section, there is the teenager section, and there is the women section of clothing. Most clothes listed as Girls Size are intended for young girls. Most clothes listed as Junior Size are intended for teenagers and young adults, and most of these clothes are more body-forming and body-fitting. On the other hard, Misses Sizes are intended for adults and young adults and usually have loose cut and more roomy feel. The trick is, you just have to know your body sizes and compare your size to the store size chart. If you want loose feel of clothings, then consider bigger measurements than your actual body size, or go one size higher.

ITEM DESCRIPTIONS and PHOTOS. Always read the listing description of each clothing. Each product is unique, made of different fabric, cut in different style. By reading the item description, you are learning more about the item itself, described by the person who actually saw the product in actual. And if there are no photos or description provided, ask the seller first prior to purchase regarding the condition and sizing of the product so that you know what to expect.

Like everything else, shopping clothes online can be learned and be good at it.

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