January 5, 2008

Cold And Flu Battle

Winter time is usually the season that triggers cold and flu. It is a nastly virus that you can easily get all around you. But there are measures that you can take to help prevent or avoid spreading cold and flu.

Cold and flu are usually transmitted thru the eyes and nose. In this regard, try to be careful that you do not infect your eyes and nose with anything that is contaminated with cold and flu germs. One common habit that people do is touching things and then unknowingly rub the eyes and nose afterwards. But if you wash you hands frequently, the germs that you picked up with your hands, will not be transfered thru your nose and eyes.

Try to avoid crowed area, specially in places where there are a lot of people that are sick like sneezing or coughing. But if you have to be in these places, try to cover your mouth and nose with clean handkerchief so that you wont eventually inhale and partake the cold and flu germs that are possibly spread in the air, by other people in the crowd.

If you have cold and flu, be considerate, and take extra careful to make sure that you wont spread the germs around you and to your love ones. If you have to sneeze or cough, try covering your mouth and nose in between your elbow, not your hands, so that the germs will not transfered to your hands, and then later on you use your hands to touch things, and get contaminated.

If you have cold and flu, it might help you feel better to take great amount of Vitamin C, which you can get from fruits, vitamin C supplement. To make you feel better, try to have a nice warm chicken soup to help you feel better.

Try to always take the time to sanitize things in your homes and office that are frequently used using hands like computer keyboards, telephone, door handles, toilet seats, and more.

Try to get flu vaccine that you can usually get in many clinics and pharmacies in most places. If you have medicare coverage, flu vaccination might be covered, but if not, expect to pay around $15 to $50 per person flu vaccine. The price you pay usually depends largely on the group or specialist that offers and administer the vaccination service.

And sometimes, its not good to take matters all by yourself. If you feel really sick, see a physician, and seek a doctors advice, to know what are options that you can take to help you with your cold and flu battle.


Ed said...

Good and Timely for the Northeast!
Grace and Peace,

JAZEVOX said...

thanks Ed! have a great day to you and your family!

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