December 21, 2007

Side Effects Sucks

For many years, I heared all kinds of commercials and adveritising about medicines and/or pills that can cure this and that, and at the same time also warn people about all kinds of side effects that may occur when taking such medicines. Sometimes you hear about pills being pubicly advertised and are available for people, and then later on got recalled and pulled out of the shelves because of the harmful effect in the human body.

Wouldnt it be better when someone will take a medicine, get cured without getting another sickness due to the side effect that a medicine caused? Wouldnt it be better when someone will take a certain pill due to his sickness, will not have to worry about side effect like blurred vision or drowsiness or vomiting, etc? It would be so much better if a medicine designed to cure one problem, would not become a cause of another problem that needs to be cured.

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