December 18, 2007

New Teenage Drivers

I was flipping a recent copy of Wall Street Journal today, and I came across a whole page ad of All State Insurance. It is a simple, mostly text ads with a catchy red ribbon on the upper right corner of the page ad. When I started reading the ad, it provides a sample Parent-Teen Driving Contract, which provides space for both new teen driver and her/his parents to come into agreement between different driving scenarios agreement, and what are the consequences will be if the new teen driver will fail to comply with the agreement. The contract form covers topic like speeding and tickets, crashes, drinking and driving, driving with distractions like talking in the cellphone and eating, wearing the seatbelts, curfews, having passengers, and other road rules.

I personally think that an agreement like this is not only good for the parents side but to the new teenage drivers as well. Getting a drivers license is definitely a big step to freedom, but driving is a gift, not a right. We could really use more responsible new drivers nowadays for a safer and more harmonious travel all around. Having a contract like this, Parent-Teen Driving Contract, will be a great reminder to the new teenage drivers that they are enjoying their freedom (to drive and go wherever) because they earn it and they deserve it. And contract/agreement like this will allow new drivers to appreciate their freedom, but at the same time be aware that if you break the rules, you could get hurt, you could hurt somebody else, so it matters that new teenage drivers are careful and follow the rules, to be safe and to avoid the consequences.

If you are a parent to a new teen driver, having a contract like this will not only give you peace of mind knowing that your kid will be safer because she/he knows the rules, but also knowing that your kid is aware of the contract, work on complying with it to avoid the consequences. And if you are a the new driver or teenage driver, why not suggest this contract to your parents, this is definitely for your own good, it will be a great guide and reminder for you to always drive safely and follow the rules.

Check out this link:
Parent-Teen Driving Contract


Chic Girl said...

A good idea! My son had 3 accidents as soon as he got his license. Only 1 was his fault! What are the chances of that? Bad luck I guess.

JAZEVOX said...

i think so too. But then when it is someone else fault, i dont think the new teen driver with contract-like-this has to face the consequences (written in the contract)

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