January 4, 2008

After Christmas Sale Brings Huge Savings

My hubby and I truly like the After Christmas sales, where most seasonal items like Christmas gifts and decors are marked down generously in most stores! So generous, you can usually expect around 65 to 75 percent off specially during this time of year, more than a week after Christmas. The good thing about After Christmas shopping is that all items that you buy that time, you can definitely use the following year and the years to come! The only main difference between shopping before Christmas, and after Christmas is the huge savings that you make.

We just went shopping at Walmart today, checking out their leftover Christmas gifts and decors, all marked up 75 percent off! We grabbed a lot of stuff, and everything totalled to only around thirty (30) dollars in christmas items. But if we had bought all those items at normal prices, we could had paid around one hundred twenty (120) dollars! So it is saving us ninety (90) dollars by buying them this week. We will just store them properly for the year, and looking forward to using them for next holiday! Its not about being cheap, its about saving and being wise about shopping.

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