December 14, 2007

Different Ways To Cook Chicken Eggs

I grow up not going to restaurant a lot. I learned most of my cooking from watching my mother and my grandmother. For most household, like ours, chicken egg is a basic ingredient that you often, if not always find in the kitchen refrigerator. Aside from having fried egg and boiled egg for breakfast, i used egg for baking. But lately, I been learning more new ways and technique to cook and serve eggs, old and new ways, which some of you maybe familiar or have heard of before:

Boiled Egg. Usually you just place bunch of whole egg still in their shell in a pan. Add water and boil the eggs for around 5 to 10 minutes enough to achieve either a Soft Boiled or Hard Boiled. Soft boiled means the egg white is cooked but the yellow yolk is still a little runny. While Hard bolied means both eggwhite and egg yolk are hard enough that its not runny.

Scrambled Egg. To prepare, just crack egg egg and put both eggwhite and eggyolk together in a bowl. Sprinkle some salt to taste, add minimal amount of milk and then lightly whip the whole mixture, enough to mix all ingredients thoroughly. Then add the mixture in a pre-heated greased pan and then cooked the egg until fluffy, stir the egg mixture while cooking to achieve the scrambled idea.

Fried Egg. Follow the same steps are Scrambled Egg (see above), but instead of stirring the egg while cooking, let one side cook, and then use a wide spatula to flip the whole egg, maintaining the shape of the egg mixture. If the fan is big, usually you will ended up with bigger size, you can fold the egg half-way to in three-folds, and let it fry until all the runny mixture is gone.

Sunny-Side Up. Simply pre-heat a greased pan in a medium heat and crack the egg and then put the whole contents in the pan, make sure that the egg yolk will stay intact and unbroken to achieve the right visual look of sunny-side up. Cook the egg until the egg white hardens and partly the egg yolk as well, then its ready to serve.

Over-Easy. Follow the same steps for cooking the Sunny-Side Up (see above), but once the first side is cooked, you flipped the whole egg using a spatula and let the other side cooked for about one to two seconds and serve. Over-easy usually still has the egg yolk a little bit runny.

Over-hard. Follow the same steps for cooking the Over-Easy one, but when you flipped the egg, let the other side cooked a little bit longer so that the egg yolk will thoroughly cooked and not runny.

Omelet. There are several types of omelet, you have several options as far as fillings that you can add for your omelet recipe, but I just want to focus more on how its cooked, rather than the ingredients. For a simple omelet, follow the same steps as Fried Egg, but placing the egg to the frying pan, add extra ingredient to the egg mixture like diced tomatoes, tidbits of bacons, tidbits of hams or sauges, and then mix it with the egg. Then cooked the same way as either Fried egg or Scrambled egg, see above for both.

Devilled Egg. Cooked whole eggs, exactly the same way as Boiled Egg, make sure that you boil the egg around 10-13 minutes to make sure that you achieve the hard-boiled egg effect. Once boiled, carefully peel the shell of each eggs, this can be very hot so make sure that you have cold water handy to help you with the peeling part, and cool down the egg a little bit. Cut the peeled egg legnthwise and carefully scoped the egg yolks and place them a bowl. Add taste of mustard, pickles, and mayonaise in the egg yolk and mix well. Fill back the hollowed egg white using the egg yolk mixture, chill and serve!

Written by JAZEVOX. All Rights Reserved.


waliz said...

like jaze..eggs are the must have things in my refrigerator! very easy to cook and wth yr article i have more ideas now..i like the devilish egg recipe..sound good and must be taste good too...

JAZEVOX said...

yes, the devilled egg is a yummy one, after a little bit of work :-)

btw, i forgot to mentioned cut the egg lengthwise IN HALF...

Justine said...

thank you for this now I can cook eggs in different ways...

JAZEVOX said...

hey justine, glad to know that you learned atleast one new way here to cook an egg, enjoy!

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