January 8, 2008

More Places For Coffee Breaks

This morning, I was reading an article in one of the Wall Street Journal newspaper. In the frontpage, the story is talking about McDonalds company planning to add coffee bars to most if not all their McDonalds outlet here in the United States, which according to the article is around 14,000 establishments?

Yes, you read it right, McDonalds coffee bars with stuff like Latte, Cappuchino, Mocha, and all kinds of stuff, similar to what Starbucks Coffee and Java City have been offering for years. Its been months since I saw that tv show in Travel Channel, where they featured about all the unique McDonald outlets in the world. And one of the international outlet that really caught my attention in the show was the coffee shop called McCafe that been successfully operating in a place around Canada, i believe that was in Montreal Canada. I thought, that was so cool, specialized coffee at MdDonalds. Before that tv show, i never knew that there was such thing, a coffee shop or bar operated by McDonalds.

And now, the Wall Street Journal newspaper article mentioned that McDonalds is planning to open up coffee bars in most of the current McDonalds outlet! Its definitely a major competition for the big coffee giants like Starbucks. We love Starbucks coffee, as well as Java City coffees, so its gonna be quite interesting to taste the newcomer, McDonalds coffees, and decide how good they taste as well. So I cannot wait to be able to finally drop by in one of their new coffee bar, once they open up in our area.

Personally, I think, with McDonalds new coffee bars coming up here in the USA, its gonna be cool, more choices for the consumers, and hopefully, competitions will cause some prices of coffees lowered down a little bit and becomes more affordable for more people! So its a good thing in a way, specially in the side of the consumers. What about you, what do you think of having more coffee shops around, where you can have more choices as to where to buy your latte or cappuccino or mocha?


C5 said...

We have that here too in the Philippines. Haven't been in one, afraid of the prices. :D

JAZEVOX said...

you mean McDonalds McCafe is already there? thats pretty fast

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