November 19, 2007

Black Friday Is Coming Up

Are you ready for Black Friday 2007? Few more days to count and its Black Friday again! For all bargain hunters here in the US, Black Friday is such an exciting time, finding great deals everywhere you go.

For all those who are not familiar, Black Friday is a shopping spree, sale day for most retailers here in the US, both brick-and-mortar stores and online stores. Black Friday happens every year, a day after Thanksgiving Day. A day after Thanksgiving used to be a red-zone for many retailers, no sales because most people just stay at home from the busy holiday prior, and caused sales to drop in most stores. To solve the accounting records of most retailers, Black Friday was born. Most stores in the US participates in the Black Friday event, to entice people to get up and to shop that day, by giving them super deals on products. Most prices are so low, its so hard to say no. And because of the really nice deals that people are getting everywhere, its no wonder why Black Friday becomes such a hit, and became a popular shopping tradition for most family here in the US. For many bargain hunters and wise consumers, Black Friday creates exciting opportunity for them to buy items at very low prices that are usually sold lower than normal during Black Friday only.

If you are planning to participate in Black Friday this year, its coming up! Happy shopping and have fun!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

BlAck Friday should be it's own holiday!! I LOVE IT

Love the blog - glad I stumbled on in.


Susanne in Key West said...

We in Key West are also waiting for the "big" day after Thanksgiving for good business, hoping a lot of tourists will be on the island and will buy our art like crazy...:-)

Thank you for writing that nice comment on my blog. I know, it;s not easy to grow orchids, it need a lot of knowledge and a lot of time and also patience.

JAZEVOX said...

hi Hallie, thank you for visiting here :-)

I think so too, it should be formally called a holiday. It does have its own name (Black Friday), has its own date (a day after Thanksgiving), and its a nationwide event too.

JAZEVOX said...

hi Susanne! thank you for stopping by in my blog as well, we hope to try again with the orchids and get lucky

good luck on your Black Friday selling, hope we will be doing great in our estore that day as well!

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