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August 30, 2010

Only Quality Treats For My Dogs

Years ago, we adopted a half Ridgeback, half SharPei mixed-breed dog from the shelter and since then she became a part of our family. To us, she is not just a pet, she is a valuable member of our family! Thats why we make sure that we take good care of her and gave her only quality foods she deserves. 

Very recently I encountered this Edible Dental Dog Chews by Nylabone Nubz and i definitely like what I see. Personally, I just could not grab any dog food in the shelve and not know what country they were made and what are the ingredients in it. The fact that Edible Dental Dog Chews is made in the USA makes it even better because it means quality dog treats. Having a natural dog treat made with real chicken with no sugar, salt or preservative and it freshen a dogs breath at the same time is a definitely a great buy!  

We buy most of dog foods and treats at Costco Warehouse thats why Im so glad to know that Edible Dental Dog Chews by Nylabone Nubz is available at there. If you have dogs, next time you visit Costco, dont forget to check out dog food treats aisle and check out Edible Dental Dog Chews. And when you receive your Costco coupon book, check our for Edible Dental Dog Chews coupon too! 

August 28, 2010

Hilarious Movie

One of my favorite all-around favorite star is Jennifer Lopez. Whats not to like? She is super-talented, multi-talented, she can dance, sing, act, and run a business! Ive seen most of her movies especially the feel-good ones like The Wedding Planner, Maid In Manhattan, and Monster-In-Law. Im not a huge fun of suspense and scary movies but I managed to watched some of hers even.

Last night, we watched one of her latest movie, The Back-Up Plan, in blu-ray at home. Its hard to contained myself, the movie is hilarous! There were too many laughing moments in that movies that are extremely funny. And guess who else was in the movie? The famous Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, is in the movie. We are familiar with him because we often watch his dog show on tv.

So if you are looking for a great laugh, a wholesome movie to watch, I highly recommend this movie. Infact, its definitely one of those movie that I can watch again soon and get a good laugh.

July 31, 2010

The Cat Surprise

I was out in the yard one day when I heared some movements in the tree bushes. I ignored it as first, but then I heared it again, and again. Out of curiousity, I went to peek what was behind all those leaves and branches, and there was a cat with its big wide eyes staring back at me. Luckily, I had my camera at that time, so I was able to steal some shots :-)

Written and Photography by Jazevox. All rights reserved.

August 12, 2008

Watch Nim Save Her Island

I have just seen the beautiful island of Nim and Nim herself through a dvd! We just watched the movie Nim's Island this week and I am giving it 10 points in a rating with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest! Nim's Island movie is guarantee to make you laugh and perfect movie for the entire family. By far, one of the best, hilarious, and fun movie Ive seen this year!

See that cute girl from the movie Little Miss Sunshine as she shine again in her new movie as the she save a remote island in the pacific from all uninvited intruders, you wont believe who the unvited guests are, find it out yourself by watching the movie! Nim and her father have been living in an undiscovered island, an island they call home, somewhere in the remote area of the vast pacific ocean. In the movie, you will also meet Nims loyal friends in the island including a lizzard and a seal!

If this movie, Nim's Island, will not make you laugh, i have no idea what else will, you are probably so tired and fall asleep on your seat (just kidding). If you have seen the movie, would be glad to hear what you think.

Written by JazeVox of
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May 6, 2008

Our Moose Bumped The Screen Door

We recently installed a new screen door for the door inorder to add more ventilation inside the house specially this summer time when every little bit of air breeze will definitely help.

Earlier this evening, our pet dog whom we regularly call a moose because she likes to moose around a lot, was outside for a potty call. We decided to let our pet dog stayed outside for a while so she can stretch and unwind a little bit more. So we decided to have the screen door close while waiting for her inorder to keep the bugs like mosquitoes out. Our lights inside the house was on and it was dark outside, so the screen door almost look invisible, atleast to our dog anyway, because all of a sudden we heard a big bang coming from the screen door. We realized that our dog run fast towards the door and didnt realize that the screen door was there. She ended up bending the screen door framing. She back up away from the screen door, and probably realized her big oppsy, sat in front of it and waited for us to open the screen door for her.

Note: Our dog is okey and doing great...relaxing right now....

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