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August 17, 2008

Heating Up At The Water Cube In Beijing China

The swimming competition for the Summer Olympics was heating up the other day at Water Cube in Beijing China as Michael Phelps of USA Team snatched another gold medal by one and one hundred of a second, a win that was just a fingertip ahead from the silver medalist! This Gold Medal winning of Michael Phelps was his 7th Gold Medal winning for the Beijing Olympics alone, which broke the World Record that Mark Spitz achieved way back in 1972 Olympics as he went home with seven (7) Gold Medal in a single Olympic season. The Summer Olympics in Beijing China is not yet over, so there is still more chance for Michael Phelps to win even more Gold Medals for swimming, adding to his already breaking record seven (7) gold medals winning! Big horray to Michael Phelps for his epic winning Olympic achievement and making swimming history.

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August 13, 2008

Gymnastics Team Showdown

It was a close fight between USA team and China team in the fight for a Gold Medal in the Gymnastics Team Showdown last night at Summer Olympics in Beijing China. Before the floor exercise, the USA team only needed one point to even the score with the China team. It all came down for the USA team to perform great at floor exercise with very few room for error, but the China team did a really great job and showmanship at the floor exercise which kept their score high, and the few mistakes that the USA team unintentionally committed definitely hurt their overall score that resulted in 2.3+ points leads for the China team in the gymnastic team showdown and China Team won the Gold Medal.

Overall, it was a very close fight and both teams put up great showmanship. All the athletes in the gymnastic teams, both USA and China, have such incredible talents, that take years of practice and hardwork to master. Gold or silver medal, they should be all proud for making that far, either way, it is a great accomplishment on their part because there are only very few people who can perform those artistic twisting, flipping and flying!

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June 20, 2008

Tomato Scare

This past few weeks theres been a nationwide news spread about the concern of positive results of salmonella in many tomatoes. Its been in the news that theres been dozens of people that got affected by these infected tomatoes.

As a result of these infected tomatoes, several food and dining establishment are affected by this health issues. Many recipes and food preparations have tomatoes ingredient in them like sandwhiches, pastas, tortillas, tacos, etc.

Tomatoes are such important ingredient in some recipes, not having tomatoes in them definitely wont taste as good. Although, there might be some restaurants that go through tests and got approve of having safe using tomatoes and still use tomatoes in their menus. How concern are you of eating or not eating tomatoes nowadays since the breakout of salmonella issues?

January 5, 2008

Cold And Flu Battle

Winter time is usually the season that triggers cold and flu. It is a nastly virus that you can easily get all around you. But there are measures that you can take to help prevent or avoid spreading cold and flu.

Cold and flu are usually transmitted thru the eyes and nose. In this regard, try to be careful that you do not infect your eyes and nose with anything that is contaminated with cold and flu germs. One common habit that people do is touching things and then unknowingly rub the eyes and nose afterwards. But if you wash you hands frequently, the germs that you picked up with your hands, will not be transfered thru your nose and eyes.

Try to avoid crowed area, specially in places where there are a lot of people that are sick like sneezing or coughing. But if you have to be in these places, try to cover your mouth and nose with clean handkerchief so that you wont eventually inhale and partake the cold and flu germs that are possibly spread in the air, by other people in the crowd.

If you have cold and flu, be considerate, and take extra careful to make sure that you wont spread the germs around you and to your love ones. If you have to sneeze or cough, try covering your mouth and nose in between your elbow, not your hands, so that the germs will not transfered to your hands, and then later on you use your hands to touch things, and get contaminated.

If you have cold and flu, it might help you feel better to take great amount of Vitamin C, which you can get from fruits, vitamin C supplement. To make you feel better, try to have a nice warm chicken soup to help you feel better.

Try to always take the time to sanitize things in your homes and office that are frequently used using hands like computer keyboards, telephone, door handles, toilet seats, and more.

Try to get flu vaccine that you can usually get in many clinics and pharmacies in most places. If you have medicare coverage, flu vaccination might be covered, but if not, expect to pay around $15 to $50 per person flu vaccine. The price you pay usually depends largely on the group or specialist that offers and administer the vaccination service.

And sometimes, its not good to take matters all by yourself. If you feel really sick, see a physician, and seek a doctors advice, to know what are options that you can take to help you with your cold and flu battle.

December 21, 2007

Side Effects Sucks

For many years, I heared all kinds of commercials and adveritising about medicines and/or pills that can cure this and that, and at the same time also warn people about all kinds of side effects that may occur when taking such medicines. Sometimes you hear about pills being pubicly advertised and are available for people, and then later on got recalled and pulled out of the shelves because of the harmful effect in the human body.

Wouldnt it be better when someone will take a medicine, get cured without getting another sickness due to the side effect that a medicine caused? Wouldnt it be better when someone will take a certain pill due to his sickness, will not have to worry about side effect like blurred vision or drowsiness or vomiting, etc? It would be so much better if a medicine designed to cure one problem, would not become a cause of another problem that needs to be cured.

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