December 30, 2007

Finding The Time To Work On Your Goals

Are you that type of person who believe in New Years Resolution? Do you make a list of things that you wish to achieve on New Years Day?
I personally think that although a person really do not have to wait at the start of a year to be able to achieve the things that she/he wants to achieve, to be able to start to do the things that she/he wants to do, or change things that she/he wants to change. Because all it takes is willingness, perseverance and the will to do it at anytime and you can start anytime, right?

But if for the whole year through you had a hard time getting motivated and finding which morning/day you are gonna make the move and try to work on achieving your goals and hopes, then probably the New Year might be a great time to start. New Year day is time when a lot of people reflect on the things that happened and occured during the past year, and you have great recollections of a lot of things...and possibly thinking of the coming year head also like which things you want changed, which happenings you dont really want to be repeated...

So if you have things to do, things to achieve, you can start at anytime, but if you have a hard time finding the time or day to actually do it, then New Year might be a great time to start and made that commitment. Be very objective and made the commitment and find the willingness to do it, with that you are already taking the first step towards achieving your goals or hopes. Every step forward that you make, will bring you one step closer and closer to your goals or hopes.

December 26, 2007

After Christmas Sale

After Christmas sale is currently going on! Usually, it starts on December 26, a day after Christmas Day! Most christmas decors and gift items are all marked down heavily, mostly around 35 to 50 percent off the suggested retail price of the item. Why most stores drop down their prices of seasonal and holiday items? Because most of these items are seasonal and they dont want to wait for another year to sell them, they dont want to complicate their inventory records that would mean more confusing lists to keep track of their products which will also complicate their accounting record for filing taxes too. And most of all, unsold seasonal items that dont sell will definitely need storage and warehouse areas, which is more likely mean an added cost for most business because aside from their needs of storage for regular items, they would also be needing additional storage for all seasonal items, if they wont sell or get rid of them. Most stores would rather get rid of occassional inventories by marking them down big time, so that they can get rid of them easily and fast, and eliminate the hassle of recording, storing anymore.

So if you have extra cash you can spend after Christmas, and want to buy early decorations for next year, and have room to store items for next holiday, after Christmas sale is a great time to buy, without spending a fortune! You can save tons of money, and a lot of times these same items will be high in price again as soon as the next holiday is coming near nest time. So checkout your favorite stores these days for awesome deals of seasonal items.

December 23, 2007

Grocery Store Memberships

Before we joined for any grocery store or supermarket and/or warehouse club memberships, i was definitely wondering if it is necessary or if is it worth it. Why do we need to register or sign up to shop in a store anyway? I thought, there was no point really to sign up for such membership because I do like the freedom of being able to shop wherever I want, at any store, no strings attached! Who knows these stores are just gonna fill my mail box with junks loaded with store advertisings and promos i dont really need.

But i realized that there are huge advantages for signing up for the free memberships in stores like Safeway. Safeway members, for instance, get three (3) cent off per gallon of gas that they fuel their car, and a lot of times, they also provide further gas discounts if your grocery shopping total reached a certain amount that qualifies for additional gas discounts. I also noticed that when you walk-in to store like Safeway, they usually have two (2) different pricings for most of their products, one for store members, and the other price for non-members or without membership cards. Sometimes, promo like buy-one-take-one for members only, can really benefit the members in a big way because if you are a non-member, you have to pay a lot more for the same exact item and you only get one item! So I think signing up for store memberships like Safeway is definitely worth it, you can definitely get huge savings. Besides, it is free membership sign-up, so what can you loose? In some occassions, you can get as much as 35 to 50 percent savings compare to when you are not a member, that is a lot of money savings, that you can use to buy something else!

As far as being a member of either Sams Club and/or Costco Warehouse Clubs, where it is a paid membership, you might wonder if paying for such membership fee is really worth it? For most cases, yes, specially if you shop there several times a year, for even the most common items that you always buy and need everyday. Both Costco and/or Sams Club offers huge discounts for buying by bulk. Although, in most cases, you cannot buy items individually, they are usually package and sold by the packs and/or package, but this is were most of the huge savings and discounts are. For instance, you buy an item in a regular store for $10.00 for one piece, but when same item you can buy for $15.00 for three (3) pieces, that is an instant saving of $15, in calculation $10 x 3 = $30, and then $30 - $15 = $15 savings! So if you normally buy items by the bulk, then it is definitely worth it to pay for membership. By the time you add all the savings you make everytime you shop there, the membership cost is only a small portion compare to the total savings that you make. But if you only buy one item at a time, and only when you need it, then warehouse clubs might not work best for you this way. So the benefits of being a member, will largely depends on the total volume of shopping you normally do daily, weekly, monthly.

December 21, 2007

Side Effects Sucks

For many years, I heared all kinds of commercials and adveritising about medicines and/or pills that can cure this and that, and at the same time also warn people about all kinds of side effects that may occur when taking such medicines. Sometimes you hear about pills being pubicly advertised and are available for people, and then later on got recalled and pulled out of the shelves because of the harmful effect in the human body.

Wouldnt it be better when someone will take a medicine, get cured without getting another sickness due to the side effect that a medicine caused? Wouldnt it be better when someone will take a certain pill due to his sickness, will not have to worry about side effect like blurred vision or drowsiness or vomiting, etc? It would be so much better if a medicine designed to cure one problem, would not become a cause of another problem that needs to be cured.

December 18, 2007

New Teenage Drivers

I was flipping a recent copy of Wall Street Journal today, and I came across a whole page ad of All State Insurance. It is a simple, mostly text ads with a catchy red ribbon on the upper right corner of the page ad. When I started reading the ad, it provides a sample Parent-Teen Driving Contract, which provides space for both new teen driver and her/his parents to come into agreement between different driving scenarios agreement, and what are the consequences will be if the new teen driver will fail to comply with the agreement. The contract form covers topic like speeding and tickets, crashes, drinking and driving, driving with distractions like talking in the cellphone and eating, wearing the seatbelts, curfews, having passengers, and other road rules.

I personally think that an agreement like this is not only good for the parents side but to the new teenage drivers as well. Getting a drivers license is definitely a big step to freedom, but driving is a gift, not a right. We could really use more responsible new drivers nowadays for a safer and more harmonious travel all around. Having a contract like this, Parent-Teen Driving Contract, will be a great reminder to the new teenage drivers that they are enjoying their freedom (to drive and go wherever) because they earn it and they deserve it. And contract/agreement like this will allow new drivers to appreciate their freedom, but at the same time be aware that if you break the rules, you could get hurt, you could hurt somebody else, so it matters that new teenage drivers are careful and follow the rules, to be safe and to avoid the consequences.

If you are a parent to a new teen driver, having a contract like this will not only give you peace of mind knowing that your kid will be safer because she/he knows the rules, but also knowing that your kid is aware of the contract, work on complying with it to avoid the consequences. And if you are a the new driver or teenage driver, why not suggest this contract to your parents, this is definitely for your own good, it will be a great guide and reminder for you to always drive safely and follow the rules.

Check out this link:
Parent-Teen Driving Contract

December 17, 2007

A Robot That We Can Count On

Its been few years since we bought out robotic floor vacuum, popularly known as iRobot Romba, a rechargable robot designed to vacuum the floors.

Having dogs in our household, can cause loose dog hairs in the floor. And dogs sometimes also carries outside dirts and dust inside the house specially when they go outside for their personal business and come back inside the house carrying little by little a dust and dirt in their feet and transfer them to the floor.

Having Romba vacuum makes it so much easier to clean the floor more often and the convenient of a battery operated device, meaning cordless feature, and independent device, meaning Romba can clean the floors without humans following her around the whole time, totally allow us to perform other chores while our floor is being clean.

So if you have a problem with not having enough time to clean your floors everyday because you have so many other stuff to finish and take care of, try using a Romba floor vacuum. We are proud owner of one, and they sure are reliable and helpful robot around the house, they do the work they are intended to do, and we are happy that they help us some of the cleaning around the house.

December 16, 2007

Blog Rezoned

Aside from fashion, women clothings, and online shopping, this blog also includes postings entries about home decorating, cooking and kitchen, holidays, lifestyle, and more.

In this regard, I decided to change the blog header today. I have change the header to match the content of this blog: Living and Life, Lifestyle and Choices, Fashion and Style, Latest and Trends, Online Shopping, reviews, feedbacks, comments, actions, reactions, opinions, all of that and more.

And if you have blogs related to these topics and would like to exchange links with this blog, please feel free to leave comments here...Have a nice day

December 15, 2007

Holiday Greetings

Just want to greet you ALL advance
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
From Our Family To Yours

December 14, 2007

Different Ways To Cook Chicken Eggs

I grow up not going to restaurant a lot. I learned most of my cooking from watching my mother and my grandmother. For most household, like ours, chicken egg is a basic ingredient that you often, if not always find in the kitchen refrigerator. Aside from having fried egg and boiled egg for breakfast, i used egg for baking. But lately, I been learning more new ways and technique to cook and serve eggs, old and new ways, which some of you maybe familiar or have heard of before:

Boiled Egg. Usually you just place bunch of whole egg still in their shell in a pan. Add water and boil the eggs for around 5 to 10 minutes enough to achieve either a Soft Boiled or Hard Boiled. Soft boiled means the egg white is cooked but the yellow yolk is still a little runny. While Hard bolied means both eggwhite and egg yolk are hard enough that its not runny.

Scrambled Egg. To prepare, just crack egg egg and put both eggwhite and eggyolk together in a bowl. Sprinkle some salt to taste, add minimal amount of milk and then lightly whip the whole mixture, enough to mix all ingredients thoroughly. Then add the mixture in a pre-heated greased pan and then cooked the egg until fluffy, stir the egg mixture while cooking to achieve the scrambled idea.

Fried Egg. Follow the same steps are Scrambled Egg (see above), but instead of stirring the egg while cooking, let one side cook, and then use a wide spatula to flip the whole egg, maintaining the shape of the egg mixture. If the fan is big, usually you will ended up with bigger size, you can fold the egg half-way to in three-folds, and let it fry until all the runny mixture is gone.

Sunny-Side Up. Simply pre-heat a greased pan in a medium heat and crack the egg and then put the whole contents in the pan, make sure that the egg yolk will stay intact and unbroken to achieve the right visual look of sunny-side up. Cook the egg until the egg white hardens and partly the egg yolk as well, then its ready to serve.

Over-Easy. Follow the same steps for cooking the Sunny-Side Up (see above), but once the first side is cooked, you flipped the whole egg using a spatula and let the other side cooked for about one to two seconds and serve. Over-easy usually still has the egg yolk a little bit runny.

Over-hard. Follow the same steps for cooking the Over-Easy one, but when you flipped the egg, let the other side cooked a little bit longer so that the egg yolk will thoroughly cooked and not runny.

Omelet. There are several types of omelet, you have several options as far as fillings that you can add for your omelet recipe, but I just want to focus more on how its cooked, rather than the ingredients. For a simple omelet, follow the same steps as Fried Egg, but placing the egg to the frying pan, add extra ingredient to the egg mixture like diced tomatoes, tidbits of bacons, tidbits of hams or sauges, and then mix it with the egg. Then cooked the same way as either Fried egg or Scrambled egg, see above for both.

Devilled Egg. Cooked whole eggs, exactly the same way as Boiled Egg, make sure that you boil the egg around 10-13 minutes to make sure that you achieve the hard-boiled egg effect. Once boiled, carefully peel the shell of each eggs, this can be very hot so make sure that you have cold water handy to help you with the peeling part, and cool down the egg a little bit. Cut the peeled egg legnthwise and carefully scoped the egg yolks and place them a bowl. Add taste of mustard, pickles, and mayonaise in the egg yolk and mix well. Fill back the hollowed egg white using the egg yolk mixture, chill and serve!

Written by JAZEVOX. All Rights Reserved.

December 12, 2007

Remarkable Award as a BODACIOUS Blog

This is a really neat and cute award that I received today from my co-blogger pal PrettyLifeOnline, who have a remarkable blog with entertaining and great postings too!

This is really touching, and I truly appreciate this and happy to receive it. Thank you :-)

December 9, 2007

Are You Winterized?

Are you ready for winter? For countries like US and Europe where winter happens every year, there are some things that you need specifically for winter time and get yourself ready for it.

Warm Up. It is always good to be sure that your heater is up and running, or your wood burning stove and fireplaces are clean and ready for winter wood burning again. For those who use and depend mainly on eletric heaters, winter storms can cause power outtage and it would be better to have a back-up heater on hand like gas heater, wood burning stove and/or fireplaces.

Bundle Up. It is time to dig the winter clothes again, sweaters, jackets, coats, warmers, etc. Many people advise to practice clothes layering where you can stay warm safely and if it gets really hot, you can remove the outer layer and still have more clothings to keep you warm for the cold weather.

Hot and Warm Drinks. What can make you feel better this cold freezing temperature than a cup of hot choco or eggnog. Also great to warm up your body easily during this chilling time is a warm chicken soup or a quick fix and inexpensive noodle soup.

Non-Slip Gears. With freezing temperature outside, standing water and moist areas could easily turn into ice even your decks and driveways. It is hard to see sometimes but if you walk on an icy area it is definitely very slippery and very dangerous. Try to de-ice this areas by having bags of salt handy that you can spread to the icy area, and it is advisable that you put a shoe chain in your rubber shoes or boots to gain some additional tractions.

Protect Your Eyes. During snow days, it would be best to wear some eye-protection with proper shading on it to protect your eyes. Frequent exposure to the bright snow without any eyewear with some kind of shading can be very damaging to your eyes, so better safe than sorry. Safety first is always a great idea!

Tire Chain and Shovels. If you plan to travel in a snowy day, it would not hurt to carry a tire chains with you incase it gets really heavy and stormy, and for those who are not driving a four-wheel drive in a snowy day, it would be quite a challenge and the road might be slippery when icy or snowed on, and having tire chains handy is not a bad idea. And shovels. Nowadays, you can buy portable shovels that you can easily place in the trank of your car everyday that you can use in times of need specially during snowy day and your tire get stuck and the only way to unstuck is dig around the tire, if you dont have shovels, digging the snow by hand and frezzing it is not a good idea.

Retain Indoor Heat. To avoid loose of so much heat in your house, it would be best to use double-pane windows. Also try to avoid opening the doors and windows often/constantly to avoid the cold air to get in to your house and the heat to escape. Try to close the window blinds and drapes preferably with rubber-backing to help keep the cold air in the window from travelling further to the room or to avoid the room heat escape to a bare window.

Happy Holidays!

Written by JAZEVOX. All Rights Reserved.

December 5, 2007

Deciding Gifts For The Holidays

Gift giving is definitely part of the Christmas holiday celebration and tradition, one of the many activity that a lot of people are looking forward to. As early as November up to the 23rd of December, most people are busy thinking what they can give to their love ones for the holidays. There are so many gift choices, it is hard to pinpoint which one you think your love one would really want, or wished to receive! Most, if not all of us, are not born with the capability to read peoples minds, so its hard to know what other people are thinking, even your love ones. The main goal of gift giving is to give a gift that they would really be happy to get, not something that you think you like to give. If you are having this delimna, here are some tips to help you decide which gifts to give this holiday:

In the past previous months, during your trips to the stores, did you ever heared your love ones dropping some hints to you like saying that she/he really like that item, or wishing to have that particular item? If so, then there you go, that is a great help to let you know what she/he really wants, your love one probably wished that you heared her/him that day! Can you imagine her/him unwrapping a gift with that item, she/he will probably be very grateful that you remember the hints, or listened to what she/he was saying during those store trips! If you are getting all these hints, you are lucky, saving you a lot of headache already.

If you have a hard time deciding which one to buy for your love ones, a Gift Certificate of her/his favorite store is also a great idea. If you spend time together shopping, you probably know which store she/he dont ever want to miss to go everytime you go to town or the malls with hijm/her. So which gift certificate to give will vary on what store she/he really likes to go often during regular days. By giving her/him a gift certificate, your love one can buy the item that she/he really want! For instance, you dont really want to buy your husband a nail gun when he already have one, right? But you are not sure if he could really use a sander or not, but if he is a handy type of guy, he can definitely use a gift certificate from home improvement stores where he can buy what he really like to add to his tools. And for the guys who is thinking of gift for the ladies, you heard her say handbag one time, but which handbag, you dont know, and most ladies are very particular about design and style, so if you are not sure which particular style, you can choose to give gift certificate or cash too.

For a lot of people giving cash does not always feel very personal or romantic. Sometimes, it feels so unintimate to hand cash for special occassions like Christmas holidays. But to minimize the impersonal appeal of cash giving, you can present it in a nicer and creative way. Like buying a holiday card that you can write a special message and short note that you are giving cash so he/she can get what she/he really wants. You can put cash in specially made ornaments for cash givings, or you can place cash in a decorative gift box and wrapped it with nice wrapping paper and ribbon. No matter how you present it, it would be more meaningful if you include a special message together with the cash.

Or wrap her/him a gift you think your love one will like. Just go with your instinct and buy things that you believe she/he will like or can use. At this time of year, most stores have pre-packed gift packs that are pack-ready for gift giving. If you want more fancy gifts, pretend to be on your love ones shoe, imagine her/his reaction might be if you give her/him this or give her/him that. You probably spent enough time with your love ones to know about her/his favorites, what colors she/he likes, what brands he/she adores, what styles he/she wears. Knowing all of these, or some of these will definitely give you an idea which item might have the best possibility that she/he will like and get excited to receive.

Gift giving is anyones delima this time of year, it is mostly challenging but fun, but the ultimate goal is giving the one thing that will put a smile in your love ones face the moment he/she opened your gift. When that smile will come the moment she/he open her/his gifts, then you know for sure that you are doing your research, or took an effort to know what makes her/him happy. Good luck.

Written by JAZEVOX. All Rights Reserved.

December 1, 2007

Minimize energy bills for your holiday decors

Christmas holiday months is the common time of the year when most household electricity bills goes up than normal, this is because we usually put up all kinds of holiday decorations both inside and outside our homes for the holidays and most of these decors consume electricity. The more decorations, the nicer it looks, and the brighter it gets, the merrier and livelier. But effects of all these glimming lights also cause a fast rise in our electricity bill. Although, I cannot tell give you a solution that makes the electric company to wave your electrical bill this season, there are infacts somethings that each one of us can do to minimize the energy consumption this holiday, like using automatic timers.

Nowadays, you can buy different types of timers for both indoor and outdoor that you can use with most electrical decors to control the on and off of the decors automatically. Most timers are reusable, that is why even if it will cost you more to buy the timers the first time, you can use and reuse these timers for years to come, so the cost will not be so heavy if you think of it this way, the long period. Automatic timers will come really handy when you dont want to plug and unplug each electrical decors every night or day.

There are different types of timers, one of the most common one is the automatic on/off, where you can set the mode and adjust the desired time frame when you want the device to go on and off. This type of timer will be great if you wish your decors to turn off as soon as everyone is asleep, say 11 pm, when almost everyone is sleeping or trying to sleep and cant really see your decorations anymore so might as well have the decor off and save the energy. And have it set to turn on in the morning when everyone wakes up, lets say seven in the morning. And you no longer have to sweat worrying and thinking if you turn on or off the decors. Some decors that will be great for this type of timer is blow-up santa balloons, etc.

Aother type of timer that you can buy is the Dusk-to-Dawn timer, where it has a built-in sensor to determine the outdoor light, which will usually works really great if you setup icecles and christmas tree lights outside, where it will turn on when it started to go dark outside and turn off as soon as the dawn arrives. This will save you lots of electricity and no more reasons like you forgot to turn it off in the morning , or you woke up late and have the lights running while the sun is out for 2-4 hours more..

With the global warming being a worldwide concern and everyone is affected, it is time that each of us do a little something to help, and one way to help is use less energy! If each one of us use less energy everyday this holiday, multiply by the billions, that is a lot of energy save everyday!

Hopefully this holiday, you save some energy, save some money and help save your planet as well.

Written by JAZEVOX

November 23, 2007

Great use for clothes you dont use

There are many different reasons why we get rid some clothes, to mention a few: create space in the closet, clothes wont fit, cannot wear it because its not your style, and any other reasons that you may come up with. But deciding HOW to get rid of some clothes is just as emotional and mind-buggling as deciding WHICH clothes to let go.

Most of my clothes when I was young are all gone now, some were given away to my relatives and some were given to some people who asked my mother and my grandmother for some hand-me-down clothings for children because their parents cannot afford to buy new ones at that time.

Few days earlier, I wrote an article Solving your closet nightmares which talked about how to convince yourself to get rid unwanted clothes, and be willing to reclaim valuable closet space. But once you have decided WHICH clothes you are willing to let go, the next question is, HOW? Im sure if you have a hard time letting go with these clothes, there must be a value in them, and things with value, you cannot just throw away, right?

Here are some suggestions that you can do to get rid of clothes that you are willing to let go:

Sell them locally. There are several ways that you can sell your used clothings but dont expect to get the same amount as you paid for it, remember it is a used one, and that will cause price depreciation. Check for your local stores to see if there are used clothings consignment in your area, where you can drop off your clothes and the consignment store will sell them for you in their brick and mortar store, and when it will sell you get paid, or other times you have to pay store space where you can display your clothes for selling.

Sell them online. One of the favorite place to sell used clothing is eBay. But eBay have rules and regulations with regards to selling used clothings and which is allowed and not allowed to sell. But selling used clothings online take some works, patience, and money. You need to clean and wash your item to make them useable and sanitized. You need to take photographs of the actual item and also pinpoint the flaws specially that used clothings are imperfect and bounds to have damages and holes and fading. And you need to be willing to spend some money for listing them online, which may or may not sell, most listing cost is non-refundable, so selling used clothing online is a gamble as well, you have to pay for listing fee that could possibly wont sell. And with the millions of inventories listed online, selling your used clothings might be a challenge to sell.

Donate them. Most areas have non-profit organization that are willing to take your usable used clothings as donations so that they can hand it to the less fortunate and the needy. Other times, these non-profit organizations will run a rammage sale or thrift store to house all the domated clothings and they will sell these clothings at low prices and the proceeds of the sales will be donated to the needy, the poor, people who can definitely benefit and need it. If you donate, expect not to get any money payment, because as the word implies, you donate, you give it to help others. But the good thing about donating is that you know that your used clothings will have a purpose somehow instead of just throwing them away. And at the time of donation, you can also asked for receipt from the non-profit organization so that you can use it as tax right-off. Not all might be qualified as tax right-off, but you can read more about that in IRS form...

Hand-me down. If you have brothers or sisters, cousins, relative or friends whom you think can use and may like the clothes that no longer fit you or not your style, ask them if they want it! Just make sure that you wont hand them a piece of crap, if you know what i mean, pants without zippers, blouses with missing buttons, over-stained ones, shredded pieces, because giving them a used crap might appear as an insult rather than a gesture of love and giving (i think).

Throw it away. For those used clothings that you plan to hand-me down, or donate like pants without zippers, blouses with missing buttons, over-stained ones, shredded pieces, the best way to dispose of them is just to throw them away or make them into rags/wipes in your household. If the main reasons why you are getting rid of these clothings is because it is stained, ruined, cutted, etc, then chances are nobody will like them as well. Only give to give people what you think they can truly wear and appreciate and the only reason while you are getting rid of them is because they wont fit you, they are not your style but it was given as gift to you, etc.

Related article: Solving your closet nightmares

November 19, 2007

Black Friday Is Coming Up

Are you ready for Black Friday 2007? Few more days to count and its Black Friday again! For all bargain hunters here in the US, Black Friday is such an exciting time, finding great deals everywhere you go.

For all those who are not familiar, Black Friday is a shopping spree, sale day for most retailers here in the US, both brick-and-mortar stores and online stores. Black Friday happens every year, a day after Thanksgiving Day. A day after Thanksgiving used to be a red-zone for many retailers, no sales because most people just stay at home from the busy holiday prior, and caused sales to drop in most stores. To solve the accounting records of most retailers, Black Friday was born. Most stores in the US participates in the Black Friday event, to entice people to get up and to shop that day, by giving them super deals on products. Most prices are so low, its so hard to say no. And because of the really nice deals that people are getting everywhere, its no wonder why Black Friday becomes such a hit, and became a popular shopping tradition for most family here in the US. For many bargain hunters and wise consumers, Black Friday creates exciting opportunity for them to buy items at very low prices that are usually sold lower than normal during Black Friday only.

If you are planning to participate in Black Friday this year, its coming up! Happy shopping and have fun!

November 16, 2007

Solving your closet nightmares

Is your closet full? Do you ever have problems with not having enough storage space in your closet? Maybe it is time to make a room! Time to sort everything inside your closet and eliminate clothes that you no longer need or want and enjoy the freedom of reclaiming valuable space in your closet again.

Be willing to get rid of unused and overgrown clothings in your closet and have a chance to create new space for new ones that you will actually use and like. Why keep clothes that no longer fit you or clothings that you never like in the first place? If you had decided to keep some clothes for future use of your child/childrens, sister/brother, niece/nephews, why not put them in a box or container instead and store them somewhere else where you dont need to deal with them everyday and wish you have more closet space? Besides, if you hold on to non-usable things and let them eat valuable storage space, you are not allowing blessing to come in because you virtually left no room for the blessings. Be willing to welcome new clothes in your closet, get rid of the ones that wont fit, that are unusable, or the ones that you have outgrown. This way you can make space for new ones that you actually like and you will enjoy.

You can start by having a commitment to do it, then take time atleast a whole day to try to remove everything out of your closet, temporarily sort them in your bed according to which ones you want to KEEP, and NOT KEEP. In the KEEP file, sort again which ones you been using within a year period and which ones you never used for atleast a year. Make decisions as far as the ones you never used within a year to try to transfer them in the NOT KEEP file instead. One by one, ask yourself the following questions in making decisions about each of the clothes in the KEEP file:

Why I never used this one for a year?
Tell yourself an honest answer to these followup questions:
Did you keep it because you bought it but never like it?
Did you keep it because it was a gift from someone but you have no plans of wearing it in your lifetime?
Did you keep it because it was expensive when you bought it but you realized that the style wasnt for you?

Do I like it but dont fit me at all?
If your answer is YES, then chances are you will never use it for another year.

Will I ever use this one within a year?
If your answer is NO, then maybe it is time to let it go.

Did I keep this for future use of someones else?
If your answer is YES, then put it in a file FOR BOXING, afterall, it is your closet, not his/hers. Use your closet for your clothes.

The key to successful sorting and clearing your closet and gaining some valuable space back in your closet will rely heavily to your honest answers to your questions and be willing to make a commitment, letting go, embracing change and welcoming blessings. Good luck!

November 14, 2007

Timeless gifts, definitely for keeps

It is almost Christmas time once again and you are proabably thinking of possible gifts that you can give to your daughter, your mother, your wife, your girlfriend, or your one special lady in your life.

One of the all time favorite gift that any girl, any lady, any woman can definitely use and treasure is a nice piece of jewelry. If budget permits, a nice piece of jewelry is definitely something that any lady can appreciate and enjoy. Giving a jewelry is also a very personal gesture, very intimate and touching.

November 13, 2007

Link Exchange with Co-Bloggers

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November 12, 2007

Fashion shoes that make sense

During wet rainy days, wearing high heels or flipflops just dont make sense. But rainboots do! But we were so use to associate rainboots with black or yellow rubbers, and for most of us, they dont seem to match beautifully with anything you wear for going out, specially when you are walking on city streets and specially if you fashion conscious!

But with the trendy and various variety of stylish rainboots popping up all over for both ladies and girls, you can not help but notice how stylish they really are and not to mention how useful they can be specially when its raining outside! With these fashion rainboots, you get dry feet and at the same time they looks great, and they are durable as well.

November 9, 2007

Worry-free way to pay online

You found something online that you just have to buy! But you are concern about your online safety and paying securely for your purchases.

Aside from the traditional and longer process of using Personal Checks and/or Money Order payments that some online stores accept, there are ways to pay fast and secure using reliable payment service where you can safely pay for your online purchases.

One of the most widely used payment system nowadays is Paypal. Most online stores accept Paypal because of the millions of Paypal users available and one of the reason why so many people use Paypal payments as their prefered way to make payment is because of the international reputation of reliable service for secure payments and online safety. If you pay for your online purchases using Paypal, you dont have to worry simply because you are not sharing your financial information with every online store that you are buying from, and you will have peace of mind knowing that your financial information is not shared.

So if you are worry about your security when you shop online, look for stores that accept Paypal payments, and you dont have to worry about sharing your financial information at all.

November 4, 2007

Pink Asian Kimono 3/4 Sleeve Top

Looking for that inexpensive yet elegant top to wear to a formal or special occasion?

Checkout this:
Pink Asian Kimono Style TOP with Choco Brown Bottom

Multi-shade of pink asian kimono style 3/4 sleeve top with gold line glitters and solid choco brown contrast bottom. Nice, and soft fabric. Size S, L are available at TropicalFEEL Store for only $24.98 BuyItNow price.

Made in USA
Fabric: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex
Color: PINKs + BROWNs

November 1, 2007

Organize and share your styles

Have you ever experience browsing too many different online stores, checking out different products, and bookmarking such pages to your favorites so that you will be able to return to these sites next time? But then it is quite hard to remember which site you visited had what product, not to mentioned staring at an endless list of text listings in your favorites...If you have this deliemma, I think you will really like Stylefeeder, a site for easy remembering of items from different sites you visited, you can even save the product photos as well. At first, it may sound quite complicated to use but once you started using it, it is very helpful and will make online shopping a breeze. To get started with Stylefeeder, the site will give you a link to setup their program, and have the Stylefeeder button accessible in your internet browser, so that when you visit different sites, and like what you see, saving that item in the Stylefeeder is as easy as clicking the Stylefeeder button and the item will be recorded to your Stylefeeder account. So the next time you want to check that item again, just go to your Stylefeeder account, where you will see all your saved products that you found from different sites. I personally think Stylefeeder is a very useful site for online shoppers that loves to hop a lot from one site to the next but want to streamline everything in one place and be more organized. I use and have my own Stylefeeder account as well, you can check my styles, and cool things i found online at my Stylefeeder.

Note: This post was originally posted in my ClickingMOUSE blog and is reposted here due to topic relevance

October 29, 2007

Red drape halter top with silver buckle

Red drape halter top with silver rectangular buckle detail at front. Very nice and comfortable fabric

Made in USA
Size: Small, Medium, Large
Fabric: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex
Color: Red, Black


October 25, 2007

Winning eBay Auctions

There is nothing as frustrating as wanting so badly something you found on eBay, bidding on it, and found out that you lost the auction. Based on my eBay experience as a buyer or bidder, here are some of my tricks to make sure I have bigger chances of winning the item I want:
Bid on an item and then also place your maximum bid, so that eBay program will automatically increment your bid for you if someone else is bidding on the same item. Mostly bidders set their maximum bid according to how much maximum price you are willing to pay for the item.

Turn on your outbid message alert in your MyeBay preferences. Bid on the item that you want the moment you see it, and if other eBayers will bid on the same item, eBay program will automatically notify you by your eBay email address that you been outbid, that way, you can place another bid.

Sign-in to messenger alert that is incorporated with eBay website, so that you will be notified by eBay thru your messenger if you been outbid or not.

Some auctions are listed as dutch auctions, where the seller have several similar items available and the seller is listing them as one single auction with multiple availability. Example of a dutch auction is a seller list an auction as dutch with 10 pieces available, if you bid on such auction listing, you will have 10 chances of getting a winning bid because all top 10 bidders of such auction listing will ended up winning one (1) piece of item.

Turn on your second chance offer setting in MyeBay preferences, so that if all tips above fails and you still didnt win the auction and you have decent maximum bid, the seller will possibly offer you a second chance offer if they have the extra available items. A second chance offer is an optional way provided by ebay that a seller can choose to offer to those who bid the item but didnt win. Second Chance offer price will be based on your maximum bid of the item you didnt win. Seller have the choice who she/he want to offer the second chance among the non-winning bidders, your chances to get this offer is bigger if you have decent maximum bid.

Good luck on your treasure hunting on eBay!

DISCLAIMER: Jazevox, the author of this article, is not affiliated with eBay in anyway, this article is based on my opinion and experience related to the topic.

Written By: JAZEVOX

October 19, 2007

Avoid getting ripped off online

One of the most popular and widely used marketplace online is eBay, utilized by millions of people internationally. Unfortunately, where there are huge number of people in one place, there are also bigger chances of encountering with scammers. There many different stories of people who got ripped off by other members on eBay either as a buyer or as a seller. But there are ways to minimize your chances of being victimized by these scammers.

Here are some tips you might want to try:

Always check member feedback. Ebay provides feedback system as an aide to help tell the reputation of each eBay member. More positive feedbacks given by more fellow members means that such member have history of great, pleasant transactions with other members and is more likely the right eBayer that you want to buy from or sell to. Negative feedbacks says it all, negative, take it as a warning for you. More negative means more warnings for you. If an eBay member have zero feedback, be more guarded and cautious as well.

Too good to be true. Some deals might be too nice to believe. Trust your instinct. Most reliable eBay sellers are not selling on eBay because they feel like they need to give away like a Santa Claus. One way or another, many people try to make some bucks as supplementray income for their family. So if you feel like you are getting such a deal, too good to be true deals, ask the question why? If an item is worth $100 in stores, and you are getting the product for $5, do you think its for real? Do you think the seller will be reliable, worth dealing with?

If in doubt, ask! If seller provides any unclear description, unclear photos, ask seller for clarifications or verifications. That way you will not be assuming and guessing. If you are buying used item, ask seller if there are any flaws or damages to the item, specially if the description seems short and sound shady and incomplete. Conditions that says excellent, great, good, fair, mint tell you something about the actual condition in general about the product, not specifics. So if specific description is not indicated like why is it fair not excellent? Ask the seller before you bid or buy.

For eBay sellers, its always a great idea to require clearing period for any Money Order or Personal Check payments prior to shipment of any orders to make sure that such payment is not fake check or not be cancelled. Since such process will affect the delivery time, make sure that you mentioned the clearing period in your descriptions, specify days like 8-10 work days.

For eBay sellers, having a confirmation or tracking number for any items being shipped will basically tell the seller if the buyer received the item or not. Its also always good to know if the packages are successfully shipped that way.

If you are receiving emails from eBay, make sure that it really originated from eBay site. If you are not sure, you can also login to eBay site directly and use the MyEbay > Messages instead, where all real eBay messages are also sent.

So if you follow some of the tips mentioned above, you minimized your chances of being a scam victim. Remember, its always good to trust your gut feeling, be cautious and be observant.

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Written by JAZEVOX. All Rights Reserved.
DISCLAIMER: The author is not affiliated with eBay in anyway, this article is solely based on personal experience and opinion.

October 18, 2007

Shopping clothes online that fits

With the conveniece of online shopping and finding better deals of clothes online compare to the ones sold in botiques and brick-and-mortar shops, more and more people are shopping online for clothes. But there is nothing as frustrating as buying clothes online and only to realize that the clothes you bought will not fit you! But dont despair, there are some things you can do to avoid this unfortunate event and make your online shopping more pleasant and fun!

Below are some tips that will help you buy the right clothes online that fits:

KNOW YOUR SIZE. When you buy clothes online, you really cannot grab the clothes from the monitor and go to the dressing room to check for fit. But if you know your sizes like bust, hips, waistline, shoulders, etc, you are surely armed with a better chance of getting the right clothes that will fit you because online clothing store will usually provide size chart related to the clothes that the store is selling.

GIRLS, JUNIORS, MISSES SIZES. By just staring at the photos, sometimes you cannot really tell if the clothing is meant for girls, juniors, or misses. So if you familiarize yourself with the different sizing, you will have a better chance of getting the right size that will fit you. Just like in the department store, there is a kid section, there is the teenager section, and there is the women section of clothing. Most clothes listed as Girls Size are intended for young girls. Most clothes listed as Junior Size are intended for teenagers and young adults, and most of these clothes are more body-forming and body-fitting. On the other hard, Misses Sizes are intended for adults and young adults and usually have loose cut and more roomy feel. The trick is, you just have to know your body sizes and compare your size to the store size chart. If you want loose feel of clothings, then consider bigger measurements than your actual body size, or go one size higher.

ITEM DESCRIPTIONS and PHOTOS. Always read the listing description of each clothing. Each product is unique, made of different fabric, cut in different style. By reading the item description, you are learning more about the item itself, described by the person who actually saw the product in actual. And if there are no photos or description provided, ask the seller first prior to purchase regarding the condition and sizing of the product so that you know what to expect.

Like everything else, shopping clothes online can be learned and be good at it.


Written by JAZEVOX. All Rights Reserved.

Green-Black Leopard Animal Print Halter Top

Green black beige leopard animal print halter top with adjustable tie back and empire waist. Top has wide belt loops on both sides for possible black belt that would work for this top nicely. Soft and smooth fabric.
Size: JUNIOR S, M, L
Fabric: 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Color: Green + Black + Beige Brown + White
Buy this top today at TropicalFEEL Store

October 14, 2007

Black Cap Sleeve Polka Dots Top

Own this very sexy black cap sleeve overlapping v-neck top! It has beige, aqua blue, white overlapping polka dots details. Really nice and sexy. Great soft and light fabric too.

Size S, M, L, color Black-Aqua-Polka and Beige-Brown-Paisley color prints are both available in our store.

Made in USA
Size: S-M-L
Fabric: 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex

This top is available for sale at TropicalFEEL Store or TropicalFEEL eBay Store

October 12, 2007

Black Sleeveless with White Polka

Checkout this beautiful top suitable for casual meetings or for gatherings as well. You are looking at a black sleeveless top with white polka dots and solid white chest contrast. Has nice silver metallic o-buckle at front to gather fabric for accent. Nice, soft and comfortable fabric.

October 10, 2007

Solid color long sleeves

Its that time of year again, cold winter/fall days. Time to update wardrobes and get warm.

Check out these long sleeve shirt with round boat neck and 3-button deco detail. Nice and stretchy fabric material, body-forming top. Great to wear on its own or for layering or for use as an undershirt for sweatshirt or vest. Available in five (5) great colors: Olive Green, Denim Blue, Plum Purple, Wine Red and Black

Visit the re-designed online fashion store, The store been empty for months after the initial imported tropical products sold in the store.

The store is completely re-designed with plenty of new products added already.
Check it out today, the re-designed online fashion store at

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