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February 21, 2008

Old Days Typewriters

I remember back in the days when computers are still very uncommon, huge and unpopular, and all we normally used was the mechanical typewriter to write documents. We had the old typewriter one, its even not the electric typewriter, and it was a real pain when we mispelled a single word, it was hard to correct without messing up and thinning the paper doing all the erasures. And inorder to have multiple copies prepared, using carbon paper was such a messy process, it gets to your hands and sometimes it spreads to the nice whitepaper. I am just glad that desktop computers are becoming more popular as well as affordable to common people that allows us nowadays to prepare documents in such an easier and convenient way, no more messsy carbon paper, no more erasing typos with an eraser. Computer definitely change the way we prepare documentation nowadays, and we can even print and reprint a copy whenever we want to as well as correct errors in a breeze without any signs that there was a prior mistake thats been there and corrected. Arent you glad that computer are existing nowadays? Or do you prepare the old ways using the mechanical typewriter?

I found this typing skills exam from Chant page and decided to try it myself. If you are curious regarding my typing skills, here it is:

40 words

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