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November 25, 2010

More Closet Room For The Shoes

I noticed that most home closets that came with old houses dont really have room for shoes. And if there is, most shoes ended up in the bottom part of the closet, or the only space for shoes is the little portion of floor space below the closet hanging area. For most of us, this space allocated for shoes is just not enough especially if both husband and wife have to share the same little space for all their shoes.

Me alone owns more than ten pairs of shoes not because I am a shoe collector but because I have shoes for different occassions. I have rubber shoes, sneakers, boots, slippers, sandals, and more, and all of these need a proper space in the closet.  And i would like to add more shoes to my already mounting numbers of variety of shoes especially if there are other styles or colors that I like. While browsing at Zappos website, I know there are easily two to three pairs in their online store that I would like to have especially their boots collections!

We recently renovated our bedroom, so we have a closet that is currently a blank canvas. When we finally decide the shelvings that we will add into it, I will definitely have shelvings for shoes and not settle for the floor space alone.

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