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January 2, 2008

My Mission Organization

I am definitely someone who likes to organize things around the house. But recently, I can see a lot of chaos and misplaced things all around the desk, floors, and table. As much as I can, I try to take time to organized, but if living space and storage space are an issue, then getting orgranized by putting things in proper places is definitely harder to achieve.

So this New Year 2008, i wish to declutter things, segragate stuff all around. And I want to share some of my techniques I used to organize stuff. Things and practices that works for me when I am organizing:

Handy Garbage Bin. Whichever room I am organizing at that instant, I always have a garbage can next to me, where I can put all the throw aways, so that I dont have to deal with them again another time if set them in the floor, the bed, or table. If an item is garbage, then it should be put in the garbage right away so that I dont deal with the same things twice later on.

Paper Bin for Shreddables. There are some paperworks and old records that are definitely not worth keeping but are taking some space in the house. But some of these paperworks contents sensitive information that you might not want to share with whoever decides to lurk around your trash files. So I always have a paper bin where I can throw the papers that needs to be shreded. I usually just shred them later in a day or two, when I can, that way I dont have to stop the sorting job to shred the papers.

Group Things By Type. I usually make designated temporary locations, with imagenary lines where I place things by type like all the papers here, the books there, breakables here, seasonal decors there, crafting stuff, toys, clothings, etc. Once I finished grouping everything by type, then I go through each of the items per group, and which one I want to store, which one I want to use, and which one I want to throw away or donate.

Box Things Up. For things that I dont use often on a daily basis like seasonal decors, or toys, or collectibles, I usually like to put them in storage boxes. It is important and necessary that I label each of the boxes and put a summary of the contents and stick them outside the box so that if we need one thing in the box, we dont have to open all boxes, just to look for one item. If the labels placed in each boxes, it is easier just to read the labels and know what are inside the box. No more finding the needle in the hay stack.

Containers, Containers, Containers. Containers comes really handy regardless the size: small, medium, large containers. All like things together in a container, make things so much easier to find them later on. Small things like clips and pins would be ideal stored in smaller containers, while volleyballs and other sporting goods might need large boxes. There are several types of cute, stylish, and matching containers in all types of shapes and sizes that you can easily buy in several stores nowadays. By using these decorative and artistic containers, no more worrying about home theme decor eye sore specially when placed in a visible locations of the house.

Folders and Binders. There are all kinds of paper works, so I usually grab the puncher and organized most of the papers in a nice way but putting them in binders, one binder for tax papers, another binder for insurances, a binder for manuals, etc. Most binders are easy to put labels into, so that you can find the very paper you are looking for without having to go through a mountful of papers filed together in a desk with no labels.

So hopefully, we all can start the New Year with a more organized and less clutter environment for a relaxing and non-stressful year. Happy New Year 2008!

Written by: JAZEVOX. All Rights Reserved.

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