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November 23, 2007

Great use for clothes you dont use

There are many different reasons why we get rid some clothes, to mention a few: create space in the closet, clothes wont fit, cannot wear it because its not your style, and any other reasons that you may come up with. But deciding HOW to get rid of some clothes is just as emotional and mind-buggling as deciding WHICH clothes to let go.

Most of my clothes when I was young are all gone now, some were given away to my relatives and some were given to some people who asked my mother and my grandmother for some hand-me-down clothings for children because their parents cannot afford to buy new ones at that time.

Few days earlier, I wrote an article Solving your closet nightmares which talked about how to convince yourself to get rid unwanted clothes, and be willing to reclaim valuable closet space. But once you have decided WHICH clothes you are willing to let go, the next question is, HOW? Im sure if you have a hard time letting go with these clothes, there must be a value in them, and things with value, you cannot just throw away, right?

Here are some suggestions that you can do to get rid of clothes that you are willing to let go:

Sell them locally. There are several ways that you can sell your used clothings but dont expect to get the same amount as you paid for it, remember it is a used one, and that will cause price depreciation. Check for your local stores to see if there are used clothings consignment in your area, where you can drop off your clothes and the consignment store will sell them for you in their brick and mortar store, and when it will sell you get paid, or other times you have to pay store space where you can display your clothes for selling.

Sell them online. One of the favorite place to sell used clothing is eBay. But eBay have rules and regulations with regards to selling used clothings and which is allowed and not allowed to sell. But selling used clothings online take some works, patience, and money. You need to clean and wash your item to make them useable and sanitized. You need to take photographs of the actual item and also pinpoint the flaws specially that used clothings are imperfect and bounds to have damages and holes and fading. And you need to be willing to spend some money for listing them online, which may or may not sell, most listing cost is non-refundable, so selling used clothing online is a gamble as well, you have to pay for listing fee that could possibly wont sell. And with the millions of inventories listed online, selling your used clothings might be a challenge to sell.

Donate them. Most areas have non-profit organization that are willing to take your usable used clothings as donations so that they can hand it to the less fortunate and the needy. Other times, these non-profit organizations will run a rammage sale or thrift store to house all the domated clothings and they will sell these clothings at low prices and the proceeds of the sales will be donated to the needy, the poor, people who can definitely benefit and need it. If you donate, expect not to get any money payment, because as the word implies, you donate, you give it to help others. But the good thing about donating is that you know that your used clothings will have a purpose somehow instead of just throwing them away. And at the time of donation, you can also asked for receipt from the non-profit organization so that you can use it as tax right-off. Not all might be qualified as tax right-off, but you can read more about that in IRS form...

Hand-me down. If you have brothers or sisters, cousins, relative or friends whom you think can use and may like the clothes that no longer fit you or not your style, ask them if they want it! Just make sure that you wont hand them a piece of crap, if you know what i mean, pants without zippers, blouses with missing buttons, over-stained ones, shredded pieces, because giving them a used crap might appear as an insult rather than a gesture of love and giving (i think).

Throw it away. For those used clothings that you plan to hand-me down, or donate like pants without zippers, blouses with missing buttons, over-stained ones, shredded pieces, the best way to dispose of them is just to throw them away or make them into rags/wipes in your household. If the main reasons why you are getting rid of these clothings is because it is stained, ruined, cutted, etc, then chances are nobody will like them as well. Only give to give people what you think they can truly wear and appreciate and the only reason while you are getting rid of them is because they wont fit you, they are not your style but it was given as gift to you, etc.

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November 19, 2007

Black Friday Is Coming Up

Are you ready for Black Friday 2007? Few more days to count and its Black Friday again! For all bargain hunters here in the US, Black Friday is such an exciting time, finding great deals everywhere you go.

For all those who are not familiar, Black Friday is a shopping spree, sale day for most retailers here in the US, both brick-and-mortar stores and online stores. Black Friday happens every year, a day after Thanksgiving Day. A day after Thanksgiving used to be a red-zone for many retailers, no sales because most people just stay at home from the busy holiday prior, and caused sales to drop in most stores. To solve the accounting records of most retailers, Black Friday was born. Most stores in the US participates in the Black Friday event, to entice people to get up and to shop that day, by giving them super deals on products. Most prices are so low, its so hard to say no. And because of the really nice deals that people are getting everywhere, its no wonder why Black Friday becomes such a hit, and became a popular shopping tradition for most family here in the US. For many bargain hunters and wise consumers, Black Friday creates exciting opportunity for them to buy items at very low prices that are usually sold lower than normal during Black Friday only.

If you are planning to participate in Black Friday this year, its coming up! Happy shopping and have fun!

November 16, 2007

Solving your closet nightmares

Is your closet full? Do you ever have problems with not having enough storage space in your closet? Maybe it is time to make a room! Time to sort everything inside your closet and eliminate clothes that you no longer need or want and enjoy the freedom of reclaiming valuable space in your closet again.

Be willing to get rid of unused and overgrown clothings in your closet and have a chance to create new space for new ones that you will actually use and like. Why keep clothes that no longer fit you or clothings that you never like in the first place? If you had decided to keep some clothes for future use of your child/childrens, sister/brother, niece/nephews, why not put them in a box or container instead and store them somewhere else where you dont need to deal with them everyday and wish you have more closet space? Besides, if you hold on to non-usable things and let them eat valuable storage space, you are not allowing blessing to come in because you virtually left no room for the blessings. Be willing to welcome new clothes in your closet, get rid of the ones that wont fit, that are unusable, or the ones that you have outgrown. This way you can make space for new ones that you actually like and you will enjoy.

You can start by having a commitment to do it, then take time atleast a whole day to try to remove everything out of your closet, temporarily sort them in your bed according to which ones you want to KEEP, and NOT KEEP. In the KEEP file, sort again which ones you been using within a year period and which ones you never used for atleast a year. Make decisions as far as the ones you never used within a year to try to transfer them in the NOT KEEP file instead. One by one, ask yourself the following questions in making decisions about each of the clothes in the KEEP file:

Why I never used this one for a year?
Tell yourself an honest answer to these followup questions:
Did you keep it because you bought it but never like it?
Did you keep it because it was a gift from someone but you have no plans of wearing it in your lifetime?
Did you keep it because it was expensive when you bought it but you realized that the style wasnt for you?

Do I like it but dont fit me at all?
If your answer is YES, then chances are you will never use it for another year.

Will I ever use this one within a year?
If your answer is NO, then maybe it is time to let it go.

Did I keep this for future use of someones else?
If your answer is YES, then put it in a file FOR BOXING, afterall, it is your closet, not his/hers. Use your closet for your clothes.

The key to successful sorting and clearing your closet and gaining some valuable space back in your closet will rely heavily to your honest answers to your questions and be willing to make a commitment, letting go, embracing change and welcoming blessings. Good luck!

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