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August 9, 2010

It Was A Busy Sunday

My husband and I had been procastinating of making Macaroni Salad for weeks. Few days ago, we were able to finally buy some of the ingredients that we needed for making the salad, and we planned to make it that day, but it didnt happen. Yesterday, a Sunday, we finally got the chance to be together in the kitchen and kept both our hands busy making the macaroni salad. Not only that, we decided to make Twice Bake Potato as well since we had these huge potatoes, sour and cream, and cheeze whiz that needed to be use up.

We also watched a blu-ray movie titled Catch And Release that came in the mail last Saturday. Its a very interesting storyline, i feel bad and then happy at the same time for Jennifer Garner in her role in the movie. How would someone react to a situation when the person that you love dearly passed away and then things starts to unravel and you will find out later that the person you loved was cheating on you when she/he was alive? Are you still gonna honor her/his memories together when she/he was alive? Or burry her/his memories with her/him in her/his grave and move on? Its kind of a weird movie for me.. UQ74TKGQ36CA

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