August 28, 2011

Where Is The Local News?

I woke up the yesterday with national news on our television covering the damaging hurricane Irene that travels in the path from the south all the way to the north path of the east coast, from Bahamas to South Carolina and all the way pass New York City the following day or today. They cover the path of the hurricane extensively from state to state. In a glimpse of few seconds, a fire in Yosemite caused by an explosion of a mobile home profane tank caused a 3,000 acres in the Yosemite area, and that caught my attention because we are currently here in northern California, just few hours travel to Yosemite. I decided to tune in further to the national news channel in case they give more details about the Yosemite fire, but majority of the news they talked about is the hurricane in the east coast.

We decided to head to a local news channel to see if they cover more about the Yosemite fire that is currently going on since its a local news so we assume that they cover more local happenings, more than they cover other state news. To our dismay, the local news are fixated talking about hurricane Irene as well, which is on the opposite side of the United States. Having a 3,000 acres fire near one of the most popular national park in the world is a huge news and need to be concern about. Unfortunately, its hard to even learn more about it in the local news channels, when they prefer to cover more on the hurricane Irene. We do specifically watch the news two days in a row to specifically know about what is going in with hurricane Irene, but knowing that there is a big fire in northern CA that came up, its good if the local news will cover that news too, so local people will be informed, be safe, and know what is going on in their own backyard. 

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john said...

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