July 30, 2008

Fashion Designer Reality Show

So exciting that our new cable tv program package have Bravo channel included in it because we just found bunch of new shows to watch on tv. One of the new show that I watch is Project Runway, a reality competition between fashion designers competing to make it big in the fashion world as a designer. Although, this is the first time that I have watch the show, this is already the fifth season of Project Runaway. It is great to see the innovations, creativity, and style that each of the fashion designer contestant was able to put into the table and create some unique pieces of clothes. I love fashion and clothes, and its cool to see all these fashion designers competing against each other and show off their talents and style, and prove to the world that they have what it takes. If you love fashion, runway and clothes, you will definitely dig into this reality tv competition show.

July 12, 2008

Planned Grocery Trips

With the growing concern of high gas prices, there is no reason to have multiple trips several times a week going into the grocery store whenever you want or need to buy something. If possible, plan in advance all incoming trips and try to merge them into one single trip and save a lot of travel gas and time! Whenever you run out an item in the kitchen, put that item in your shopping list right away. Once you have enough things on your list that you cannot live without for another day longer, then maybe it is time to run to the grocery again, buying more things in the list, instead of buying them one by one. If you plan to shop at multiple groceries stores in a day, it is best to plan the flow of your iterinary inorder to get the maximum things done shopping at the least amount of time.

All Things For The Baby

When it comes to baby stuff, one perfect place where you can find all kinds of baby items is at BabyThings4u website! Whether you are looking to shop for an item for your little girl or boy, your grand kid, or your niece or nephew, look for it at BabyThings4u.co.uk, where they carry all types of products specializing in babies and infants. At BabyThings4u you will find unique and cute pieces great for your special little one including pushchairs, baby prams, carriers, beds, toys, and a lot lot more. Not only do they have huge selection of items for the baby but they also carry widely-sought named brands, popular brands that are trusted by many for years and years, giving you the confidence to buy reliable and quality products.

So next time you need something for your baby girl or boy, make sure to check out BabyThings4u.co.uk website, because that is what they do best, they carry all things nice, cute, or useful for the baby. Their website is so easy to navigate, definitely designed with user in mind, giving you several different options to find that one item you are looking for! For your convenience, you can easily browse their products online by brand names or by product type, so if you know what you are looking for, you can go to the specific category right away without wasting valuable time.

No More Ironing Of Clothes

When I was growing up, i remember that every single clothe we had were being ironed one by one, quite an exhilarating task! Not only was ironing each single clothe very time consuming, but it also consumed a lot of energy specially when we use the electric iron. Although, there are some clothes, no matter what, do needs to be ironed because they are naturally wrinkly fabric and sometimes have pleats and lines that needs to be maintained to keep its shapes and design, like office uniforms, etc. These days, I hardly iron any clothes at all. My energy saving technique? Instead of dumping newly washed clothes into the to-fold basket and waited a day or two to sort everything out, I make sure that I take the time to fold or hang each of the clothes right after drying them, so the clothes are freshly pulled out of the dryer when they are still unwrinkled from the heat of the dryer. If I will wait few hours or days before folding or hanging them, each clothes usually starts to get wrinkly from the positioned they are stored, as they cool off from the dryer. So by folding them right away, fresh from the dryer, many clothes hardly need any ironing, and its definitely energy saving for us!

By the way, i heard that steamer are great to unwrinkle clothes as well. Steamer device is getting very popular nowadays!

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