April 20, 2008

Meeting Up After More Than Two Decades

When I was a little kid, my uncle visited our place in the Philippines and brought along his son (my cousin) with him. We were very young and more than twenty years had passed since then. Since we live closeby recently, I got hold of my uncle to see if I can get the new cell number of my cousin. We agreed to meet yesterday, gave him some directions how to get to our place. And after several years of not seeing each other, I fininally meet my cousin again, and his daughter, that I just met for the first time yesterday.

It is funny how you know someone and never meet them for years. Sometimes, it is hard to even recognize their faces anymore, all we know is that we are relatives and we know each others names.

April 8, 2008

Spring Time In California

During spring time and summer time, thats when you really feel what California is all about, lots of sun! Its only like yesterday when I came out wearing jackets and long sleeves, but these days been so hot, it is hard to last outside wearing thick clothings anymore.

Personally, I prefer coming out during spring time rather than summer time because the sun is not yet burning hot. The closer it gets to summer time, the more the temperatures goes to three digits and its uncomfortable and quite unsafe to be outside when it gets that hot, specially when you are in the car, the aircon may help while on the road, but getting in and out of the car is usually the worst part in the summer because you need to cool the car down before you can get in, and then after its been setting for awhile under the sun, it gets oven hot...

Currently, we have plenty of blooming daffodils, so its great to see colorful flowers in the yard again specially after months of winter. Last year, we planted hundreds of daffodils bulbs that we bought bulk from a warehouse store, so it is great to finally see all our hardwork come to life :-) Most of the daffodil flowers that we planted last fall are currently blooming for the first time this couple of weeks, so it is definitely worth it doing all the dirty works digging holes, dropping the bulbs in the ground and covering them with dirt! The hardworks and hard labor definitely paid off, big time.

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