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August 17, 2008

Heating Up At The Water Cube In Beijing China

The swimming competition for the Summer Olympics was heating up the other day at Water Cube in Beijing China as Michael Phelps of USA Team snatched another gold medal by one and one hundred of a second, a win that was just a fingertip ahead from the silver medalist! This Gold Medal winning of Michael Phelps was his 7th Gold Medal winning for the Beijing Olympics alone, which broke the World Record that Mark Spitz achieved way back in 1972 Olympics as he went home with seven (7) Gold Medal in a single Olympic season. The Summer Olympics in Beijing China is not yet over, so there is still more chance for Michael Phelps to win even more Gold Medals for swimming, adding to his already breaking record seven (7) gold medals winning! Big horray to Michael Phelps for his epic winning Olympic achievement and making swimming history.

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August 9, 2008

Spectacular Grand Opening Ceremony In Beijing

Many of those who didnt make it to Beijing China to witness the Grand Opening Ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympics, shared the same enthusiam like the 90,000 plus people who where in the Beijing Olympics Stadium, by watching the grandest Grand Opening Ceremony for the Summer Olympics on telivision. It was a spectacular display of mass performers playing in unison, fireworks display, and technology innovations roled into one magnificient night, purposely planned for years to wow and impress the crowd, which i think it did just that!

The Grand Opening for the 2008 Summer Olympics celebration in Beijing 2008 was so spectacular that it possibly set the bar higher and harder to match, that may put a strain and put a challenge on the next hosting nation!

Good luck to all the 2008 Summer Olympics players, play hard and play well, and go for the gold!

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