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August 1, 2008

A Trip To An Antique Store

We went to the shopping center to buy some stuff today. On our way out from one of the store, we saw an antique mall nearby that we never been before. We decided to check it out and we didnt realize until we came in how huge the place was and it was full of antiques! We felt like we just step into a time machine or something because there were variety of items that normally not available in regular stores nowadays, except in antique stores. There were antique furnitures, appliances, decorations, paintings, clothings, pictures, figurines, and a lot lot more. I always find it very interesting to go inside antique stores, because i enjoy checking out all the unique pieces they have available, just for the fun of seeing cool stuff. Although, we didnt buy anything today at the antique stores, there were times in the past that I ended up purchasing some items from an antique store. What about you, do you buy antiques? Or do you buy the modern items instead and let the past things be past?

Written by JazeVox.
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July 12, 2008

Planned Grocery Trips

With the growing concern of high gas prices, there is no reason to have multiple trips several times a week going into the grocery store whenever you want or need to buy something. If possible, plan in advance all incoming trips and try to merge them into one single trip and save a lot of travel gas and time! Whenever you run out an item in the kitchen, put that item in your shopping list right away. Once you have enough things on your list that you cannot live without for another day longer, then maybe it is time to run to the grocery again, buying more things in the list, instead of buying them one by one. If you plan to shop at multiple groceries stores in a day, it is best to plan the flow of your iterinary inorder to get the maximum things done shopping at the least amount of time.

March 6, 2008

Back To Italian Restaurant Again

We had a quick drive to downtown, so we decided to swing by the Italian restaurant again. As usual, i ordered the same thing, Fettucini Pesto with Shrimps, and had some warm soup and bread as first the course. We been served by two people today, a waiter took our order and bring them to us, then a waitress did all the follow-ups as far as what else we needed like additional bread and some butter requests. The soup had more veggies this time, so that was cool. But the bread was not as warm as usual, and when we ran out of bread, nobody asked if we wanted more, so we thought that they changed the rules in their restaurant, perhaps no more additional free breads, huh? But later we find out that the bread were still in the oven, as explained by the waitress, when she finally brought fresh from the oven breads! The meal was fantastic, I ended up requesting a box for my leftover again.

After we were done with the meals, we drove off to Walmart to get some groceries. On our way back to the car, while walking in the Walmart parking lot, a lady driving near where we walked slowed down in front of us and uttered our way, How Are You Guys? And we recognized her right away as the lady waitress who just served us like an hour earlier. No wonder why she left us the bill early :-) She handed us the bill of our order, the same time she handed us the food, lol. She was close to sign-off work that time, i guess, and I can understand why she left the bill early, which doesnt happen everytime we go in that restaurant, she probably just want to be able to get the tip before she leave off work, lol.

Anyways, just wanna great everyone a good night! Thanks for your visit here again.

January 4, 2008

After Christmas Sale Brings Huge Savings

My hubby and I truly like the After Christmas sales, where most seasonal items like Christmas gifts and decors are marked down generously in most stores! So generous, you can usually expect around 65 to 75 percent off specially during this time of year, more than a week after Christmas. The good thing about After Christmas shopping is that all items that you buy that time, you can definitely use the following year and the years to come! The only main difference between shopping before Christmas, and after Christmas is the huge savings that you make.

We just went shopping at Walmart today, checking out their leftover Christmas gifts and decors, all marked up 75 percent off! We grabbed a lot of stuff, and everything totalled to only around thirty (30) dollars in christmas items. But if we had bought all those items at normal prices, we could had paid around one hundred twenty (120) dollars! So it is saving us ninety (90) dollars by buying them this week. We will just store them properly for the year, and looking forward to using them for next holiday! Its not about being cheap, its about saving and being wise about shopping.

December 26, 2007

After Christmas Sale

After Christmas sale is currently going on! Usually, it starts on December 26, a day after Christmas Day! Most christmas decors and gift items are all marked down heavily, mostly around 35 to 50 percent off the suggested retail price of the item. Why most stores drop down their prices of seasonal and holiday items? Because most of these items are seasonal and they dont want to wait for another year to sell them, they dont want to complicate their inventory records that would mean more confusing lists to keep track of their products which will also complicate their accounting record for filing taxes too. And most of all, unsold seasonal items that dont sell will definitely need storage and warehouse areas, which is more likely mean an added cost for most business because aside from their needs of storage for regular items, they would also be needing additional storage for all seasonal items, if they wont sell or get rid of them. Most stores would rather get rid of occassional inventories by marking them down big time, so that they can get rid of them easily and fast, and eliminate the hassle of recording, storing anymore.

So if you have extra cash you can spend after Christmas, and want to buy early decorations for next year, and have room to store items for next holiday, after Christmas sale is a great time to buy, without spending a fortune! You can save tons of money, and a lot of times these same items will be high in price again as soon as the next holiday is coming near nest time. So checkout your favorite stores these days for awesome deals of seasonal items.

December 23, 2007

Grocery Store Memberships

Before we joined for any grocery store or supermarket and/or warehouse club memberships, i was definitely wondering if it is necessary or if is it worth it. Why do we need to register or sign up to shop in a store anyway? I thought, there was no point really to sign up for such membership because I do like the freedom of being able to shop wherever I want, at any store, no strings attached! Who knows these stores are just gonna fill my mail box with junks loaded with store advertisings and promos i dont really need.

But i realized that there are huge advantages for signing up for the free memberships in stores like Safeway. Safeway members, for instance, get three (3) cent off per gallon of gas that they fuel their car, and a lot of times, they also provide further gas discounts if your grocery shopping total reached a certain amount that qualifies for additional gas discounts. I also noticed that when you walk-in to store like Safeway, they usually have two (2) different pricings for most of their products, one for store members, and the other price for non-members or without membership cards. Sometimes, promo like buy-one-take-one for members only, can really benefit the members in a big way because if you are a non-member, you have to pay a lot more for the same exact item and you only get one item! So I think signing up for store memberships like Safeway is definitely worth it, you can definitely get huge savings. Besides, it is free membership sign-up, so what can you loose? In some occassions, you can get as much as 35 to 50 percent savings compare to when you are not a member, that is a lot of money savings, that you can use to buy something else!

As far as being a member of either Sams Club and/or Costco Warehouse Clubs, where it is a paid membership, you might wonder if paying for such membership fee is really worth it? For most cases, yes, specially if you shop there several times a year, for even the most common items that you always buy and need everyday. Both Costco and/or Sams Club offers huge discounts for buying by bulk. Although, in most cases, you cannot buy items individually, they are usually package and sold by the packs and/or package, but this is were most of the huge savings and discounts are. For instance, you buy an item in a regular store for $10.00 for one piece, but when same item you can buy for $15.00 for three (3) pieces, that is an instant saving of $15, in calculation $10 x 3 = $30, and then $30 - $15 = $15 savings! So if you normally buy items by the bulk, then it is definitely worth it to pay for membership. By the time you add all the savings you make everytime you shop there, the membership cost is only a small portion compare to the total savings that you make. But if you only buy one item at a time, and only when you need it, then warehouse clubs might not work best for you this way. So the benefits of being a member, will largely depends on the total volume of shopping you normally do daily, weekly, monthly.

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