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August 6, 2010

Recline And Relax

Over a year ago, we added a flat screen telivision in our living room that is mounted in the wall using a mounting bracket. We mounted the tv on top of the fireplace so we can enjoy both the view of the fireplace and watch tv at the same time. In order to do these, we placed our living room sofa facing the tv and the fireplace as well.

On multiple occassions, I truly wished we have a reclining sofa set instead of the existing beige sofa that we have that does not reclined. The way we mounted the tv, above the fireplace, its not very comfortable to watch tv shows seating in our living room sofa because we had to look up to watch it and its straining our necks. Having a reclining sofa set in our living room will be perfect because it will definitely be more comfortable to seat and lay down in the living room and watch tv.

We dont have a huge living room, so we want a reclining sofa set that has lighter shade so that the color of the furniture will not over power the space. But if we have huge living room, I would definitely go for the biggest size available, the bigger the better.

July 31, 2010

The Cat Surprise

I was out in the yard one day when I heared some movements in the tree bushes. I ignored it as first, but then I heared it again, and again. Out of curiousity, I went to peek what was behind all those leaves and branches, and there was a cat with its big wide eyes staring back at me. Luckily, I had my camera at that time, so I was able to steal some shots :-)

Written and Photography by Jazevox. All rights reserved.

July 12, 2008

No More Ironing Of Clothes

When I was growing up, i remember that every single clothe we had were being ironed one by one, quite an exhilarating task! Not only was ironing each single clothe very time consuming, but it also consumed a lot of energy specially when we use the electric iron. Although, there are some clothes, no matter what, do needs to be ironed because they are naturally wrinkly fabric and sometimes have pleats and lines that needs to be maintained to keep its shapes and design, like office uniforms, etc. These days, I hardly iron any clothes at all. My energy saving technique? Instead of dumping newly washed clothes into the to-fold basket and waited a day or two to sort everything out, I make sure that I take the time to fold or hang each of the clothes right after drying them, so the clothes are freshly pulled out of the dryer when they are still unwrinkled from the heat of the dryer. If I will wait few hours or days before folding or hanging them, each clothes usually starts to get wrinkly from the positioned they are stored, as they cool off from the dryer. So by folding them right away, fresh from the dryer, many clothes hardly need any ironing, and its definitely energy saving for us!

By the way, i heard that steamer are great to unwrinkle clothes as well. Steamer device is getting very popular nowadays!

May 6, 2008

Our Moose Bumped The Screen Door

We recently installed a new screen door for the door inorder to add more ventilation inside the house specially this summer time when every little bit of air breeze will definitely help.

Earlier this evening, our pet dog whom we regularly call a moose because she likes to moose around a lot, was outside for a potty call. We decided to let our pet dog stayed outside for a while so she can stretch and unwind a little bit more. So we decided to have the screen door close while waiting for her inorder to keep the bugs like mosquitoes out. Our lights inside the house was on and it was dark outside, so the screen door almost look invisible, atleast to our dog anyway, because all of a sudden we heard a big bang coming from the screen door. We realized that our dog run fast towards the door and didnt realize that the screen door was there. She ended up bending the screen door framing. She back up away from the screen door, and probably realized her big oppsy, sat in front of it and waited for us to open the screen door for her.

Note: Our dog is okey and doing great...relaxing right now....

April 8, 2008

Spring Time In California

During spring time and summer time, thats when you really feel what California is all about, lots of sun! Its only like yesterday when I came out wearing jackets and long sleeves, but these days been so hot, it is hard to last outside wearing thick clothings anymore.

Personally, I prefer coming out during spring time rather than summer time because the sun is not yet burning hot. The closer it gets to summer time, the more the temperatures goes to three digits and its uncomfortable and quite unsafe to be outside when it gets that hot, specially when you are in the car, the aircon may help while on the road, but getting in and out of the car is usually the worst part in the summer because you need to cool the car down before you can get in, and then after its been setting for awhile under the sun, it gets oven hot...

Currently, we have plenty of blooming daffodils, so its great to see colorful flowers in the yard again specially after months of winter. Last year, we planted hundreds of daffodils bulbs that we bought bulk from a warehouse store, so it is great to finally see all our hardwork come to life :-) Most of the daffodil flowers that we planted last fall are currently blooming for the first time this couple of weeks, so it is definitely worth it doing all the dirty works digging holes, dropping the bulbs in the ground and covering them with dirt! The hardworks and hard labor definitely paid off, big time.

December 17, 2007

A Robot That We Can Count On

Its been few years since we bought out robotic floor vacuum, popularly known as iRobot Romba, a rechargable robot designed to vacuum the floors.

Having dogs in our household, can cause loose dog hairs in the floor. And dogs sometimes also carries outside dirts and dust inside the house specially when they go outside for their personal business and come back inside the house carrying little by little a dust and dirt in their feet and transfer them to the floor.

Having Romba vacuum makes it so much easier to clean the floor more often and the convenient of a battery operated device, meaning cordless feature, and independent device, meaning Romba can clean the floors without humans following her around the whole time, totally allow us to perform other chores while our floor is being clean.

So if you have a problem with not having enough time to clean your floors everyday because you have so many other stuff to finish and take care of, try using a Romba floor vacuum. We are proud owner of one, and they sure are reliable and helpful robot around the house, they do the work they are intended to do, and we are happy that they help us some of the cleaning around the house.

December 1, 2007

Minimize energy bills for your holiday decors

Christmas holiday months is the common time of the year when most household electricity bills goes up than normal, this is because we usually put up all kinds of holiday decorations both inside and outside our homes for the holidays and most of these decors consume electricity. The more decorations, the nicer it looks, and the brighter it gets, the merrier and livelier. But effects of all these glimming lights also cause a fast rise in our electricity bill. Although, I cannot tell give you a solution that makes the electric company to wave your electrical bill this season, there are infacts somethings that each one of us can do to minimize the energy consumption this holiday, like using automatic timers.

Nowadays, you can buy different types of timers for both indoor and outdoor that you can use with most electrical decors to control the on and off of the decors automatically. Most timers are reusable, that is why even if it will cost you more to buy the timers the first time, you can use and reuse these timers for years to come, so the cost will not be so heavy if you think of it this way, the long period. Automatic timers will come really handy when you dont want to plug and unplug each electrical decors every night or day.

There are different types of timers, one of the most common one is the automatic on/off, where you can set the mode and adjust the desired time frame when you want the device to go on and off. This type of timer will be great if you wish your decors to turn off as soon as everyone is asleep, say 11 pm, when almost everyone is sleeping or trying to sleep and cant really see your decorations anymore so might as well have the decor off and save the energy. And have it set to turn on in the morning when everyone wakes up, lets say seven in the morning. And you no longer have to sweat worrying and thinking if you turn on or off the decors. Some decors that will be great for this type of timer is blow-up santa balloons, etc.

Aother type of timer that you can buy is the Dusk-to-Dawn timer, where it has a built-in sensor to determine the outdoor light, which will usually works really great if you setup icecles and christmas tree lights outside, where it will turn on when it started to go dark outside and turn off as soon as the dawn arrives. This will save you lots of electricity and no more reasons like you forgot to turn it off in the morning , or you woke up late and have the lights running while the sun is out for 2-4 hours more..

With the global warming being a worldwide concern and everyone is affected, it is time that each of us do a little something to help, and one way to help is use less energy! If each one of us use less energy everyday this holiday, multiply by the billions, that is a lot of energy save everyday!

Hopefully this holiday, you save some energy, save some money and help save your planet as well.

Written by JAZEVOX

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