August 30, 2010

Only Quality Treats For My Dogs

Years ago, we adopted a half Ridgeback, half SharPei mixed-breed dog from the shelter and since then she became a part of our family. To us, she is not just a pet, she is a valuable member of our family! Thats why we make sure that we take good care of her and gave her only quality foods she deserves. 

Very recently I encountered this Edible Dental Dog Chews by Nylabone Nubz and i definitely like what I see. Personally, I just could not grab any dog food in the shelve and not know what country they were made and what are the ingredients in it. The fact that Edible Dental Dog Chews is made in the USA makes it even better because it means quality dog treats. Having a natural dog treat made with real chicken with no sugar, salt or preservative and it freshen a dogs breath at the same time is a definitely a great buy!  

We buy most of dog foods and treats at Costco Warehouse thats why Im so glad to know that Edible Dental Dog Chews by Nylabone Nubz is available at there. If you have dogs, next time you visit Costco, dont forget to check out dog food treats aisle and check out Edible Dental Dog Chews. And when you receive your Costco coupon book, check our for Edible Dental Dog Chews coupon too! 

August 28, 2010

Hilarious Movie

One of my favorite all-around favorite star is Jennifer Lopez. Whats not to like? She is super-talented, multi-talented, she can dance, sing, act, and run a business! Ive seen most of her movies especially the feel-good ones like The Wedding Planner, Maid In Manhattan, and Monster-In-Law. Im not a huge fun of suspense and scary movies but I managed to watched some of hers even.

Last night, we watched one of her latest movie, The Back-Up Plan, in blu-ray at home. Its hard to contained myself, the movie is hilarous! There were too many laughing moments in that movies that are extremely funny. And guess who else was in the movie? The famous Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, is in the movie. We are familiar with him because we often watch his dog show on tv.

So if you are looking for a great laugh, a wholesome movie to watch, I highly recommend this movie. Infact, its definitely one of those movie that I can watch again soon and get a good laugh.

August 9, 2010

It Was A Busy Sunday

My husband and I had been procastinating of making Macaroni Salad for weeks. Few days ago, we were able to finally buy some of the ingredients that we needed for making the salad, and we planned to make it that day, but it didnt happen. Yesterday, a Sunday, we finally got the chance to be together in the kitchen and kept both our hands busy making the macaroni salad. Not only that, we decided to make Twice Bake Potato as well since we had these huge potatoes, sour and cream, and cheeze whiz that needed to be use up.

We also watched a blu-ray movie titled Catch And Release that came in the mail last Saturday. Its a very interesting storyline, i feel bad and then happy at the same time for Jennifer Garner in her role in the movie. How would someone react to a situation when the person that you love dearly passed away and then things starts to unravel and you will find out later that the person you loved was cheating on you when she/he was alive? Are you still gonna honor her/his memories together when she/he was alive? Or burry her/his memories with her/him in her/his grave and move on? Its kind of a weird movie for me.. UQ74TKGQ36CA

August 6, 2010

Recline And Relax

Over a year ago, we added a flat screen telivision in our living room that is mounted in the wall using a mounting bracket. We mounted the tv on top of the fireplace so we can enjoy both the view of the fireplace and watch tv at the same time. In order to do these, we placed our living room sofa facing the tv and the fireplace as well.

On multiple occassions, I truly wished we have a reclining sofa set instead of the existing beige sofa that we have that does not reclined. The way we mounted the tv, above the fireplace, its not very comfortable to watch tv shows seating in our living room sofa because we had to look up to watch it and its straining our necks. Having a reclining sofa set in our living room will be perfect because it will definitely be more comfortable to seat and lay down in the living room and watch tv.

We dont have a huge living room, so we want a reclining sofa set that has lighter shade so that the color of the furniture will not over power the space. But if we have huge living room, I would definitely go for the biggest size available, the bigger the better.

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