September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike Making Landfall In Texas

After days of following hurricane Ike as it cruised through from the atlantic ocean to the gulf sea, it is only few hours away from making landfall in the coast of Texas. But even before the hurricane Ike arrives in the coast, there are already huge waves crashing againts the sea wall, and the wind is blowing violently and strong, just throwing sea water all over the place as if shaking a a bottle of water. The water surge caused by hurricane Ike may be huge and may go up higher than the sea wall, thats why it is not safe to be anywhere near the coastline at anytime during the landfall. If you are out there sightseeing and thinking it is fun to watch the waves, you shouldnt be doing that and put your life at risk instead it is advisable to take cover and stay away from the storm and stay on higher ground. No one never knows how mother nature behaves at all times, so it is best to be safe and stay in high ground as much as you can when you are near the hurricane Ike storm right now. I experienced typoons in the past, and hurricane is almost the same type of storm. Hurricanes can be violent and deadly specially when near body of water like the ocean. Winds can throw anything strong and violently that comes in its path, so stay indoor during the storm to avoid any flying debris, which is pretty common in times of hurricanes and typoons.

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