May 12, 2008

PS I Love You Movie

We recently bought the movie, P.S. I Love You, and I should say that it is definitely one of the most romantic movie I have ever seen in awhile. The movie is heartwarming but sad at the same time. And if you have the tendency to cry and get emotional in a certain movie, then this movie might be one of those movie that will melt your heart away, so keep those tissue handy, just incase you shed a tear or two! Many scenes of the movie P.S. I Love You were filmed in Ireland, and it is such a beautiful country with gorgeous landscape and lush green environment. So if you are looking for a romantic movie then the movie P.S. I Love You might be something that you will truly enjoy watching.

May 6, 2008

Our Moose Bumped The Screen Door

We recently installed a new screen door for the door inorder to add more ventilation inside the house specially this summer time when every little bit of air breeze will definitely help.

Earlier this evening, our pet dog whom we regularly call a moose because she likes to moose around a lot, was outside for a potty call. We decided to let our pet dog stayed outside for a while so she can stretch and unwind a little bit more. So we decided to have the screen door close while waiting for her inorder to keep the bugs like mosquitoes out. Our lights inside the house was on and it was dark outside, so the screen door almost look invisible, atleast to our dog anyway, because all of a sudden we heard a big bang coming from the screen door. We realized that our dog run fast towards the door and didnt realize that the screen door was there. She ended up bending the screen door framing. She back up away from the screen door, and probably realized her big oppsy, sat in front of it and waited for us to open the screen door for her.

Note: Our dog is okey and doing great...relaxing right now....

Shopping Cart Software

Did you ever wish to own your very own online store but unsure where or how to start? Specially that as technology becomes more popular and in demand, it becomes more and more complicated and powerful, but at the same time software developers make it more easier and easier for non-technical people to utilize this powerful tool by developing turn-key solutions. In the past, owning and developing an online store is quite complicated process because do so it calls for highly technical staff to develop the software that will run as the backend of an online store. Nowadays, inorder to open an online store, all you need is a pre-designed online store software that doesnt require any complicated coding or programming. Simply add your products and you are ready to set your online store live.

Ashop Commerce is a leading provider of shopping cart software here in the US. So why not try Ashop turn-key solution for ecommerce, and be one step closer to realizing your online store. If you are not sure how AShop operates, try their free trial offer so that you can familiarize yourself with how their software works and get the feel of their product so that you will experience yourself how easy it really is to open up your every own online store.

May 1, 2008

Asian Excellence Award TV Show

I went through the TV guide and came across the show Asian Excellence Award 2008. I never heard nor heard of such show before, so I decided to watch it. The show Asian Excellence Award sponsored by JCPenney is an award cermony recognizing asians who achieve greatly in both films and entertainment industries here in the USA. It is great to know that there are so many asian individuals here in the USA that are talented, greatly recognized for their talents and achievements and are widely popular in either telivisions, big screen, and even international sport competition. One of the main message potrayed in the award ceremony is keep on dreaming.

No matter where you come from, never let anything hold you back. If you have a dream, keep on dreaming because with dedication and hardwork, you too can achieve great things! So keep on dreaming everyone!

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