November 5, 2008

The Votes Are In For The Next President Of USA

The votes are in and the numbers are transparent that the next President of the United States of America is Sen. Barack Obama. Its been a long months of almost non-stop presidential campaign for both John McCain and Barack Obama in raising towards the White House.

Yesterday, November 4 2008 was the Presidential Election, and majority of the people of America has spoken loud and clear that they want Barack Obama to be the next President of the USA. The victory of Barack Obama as President is a historic win and an emotional one for a lot of americans knowing that he is the first african-american President of the United States.

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October 15, 2008

Northern California Sunset

Heading back to our place one late afternoon, we came across the setting sun glowing so beautifully in the sky of northern California! The sky was filled with the golden rays of the sun, it was amazingly stunning!

No special effects or enhancement were ever done in the photos above, these photos were taken at the time, as is! Hope you enjoy the photographs too.
Fall in love with nature again, its all around us and they constantly here to surprise us! Enjoy nature for your advantage.
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September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike Making Landfall In Texas

After days of following hurricane Ike as it cruised through from the atlantic ocean to the gulf sea, it is only few hours away from making landfall in the coast of Texas. But even before the hurricane Ike arrives in the coast, there are already huge waves crashing againts the sea wall, and the wind is blowing violently and strong, just throwing sea water all over the place as if shaking a a bottle of water. The water surge caused by hurricane Ike may be huge and may go up higher than the sea wall, thats why it is not safe to be anywhere near the coastline at anytime during the landfall. If you are out there sightseeing and thinking it is fun to watch the waves, you shouldnt be doing that and put your life at risk instead it is advisable to take cover and stay away from the storm and stay on higher ground. No one never knows how mother nature behaves at all times, so it is best to be safe and stay in high ground as much as you can when you are near the hurricane Ike storm right now. I experienced typoons in the past, and hurricane is almost the same type of storm. Hurricanes can be violent and deadly specially when near body of water like the ocean. Winds can throw anything strong and violently that comes in its path, so stay indoor during the storm to avoid any flying debris, which is pretty common in times of hurricanes and typoons.

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August 31, 2008

High Noon Triple Digit Temperature Nightmare

The other day, our weather temperature hit around 106 degrees fahrenheit at high noon. In the middle of the day, i came out to do some stuff around in the yard when all of a sudden i heard a weird noise coming from the central air conditioning unit we have. I called my hubby regarding the problem, which was a huge problem because it was in the middle of the day and the sun was burning way hot, one of the hottest day of the year we ever have this year! Having a problem in the HVAC unit was not a good thing because we dont have another options to keep the house cool down. Our fan is not very reliable to beat a temperature as hot as 106 degrees fahrenheit. So we literally had no other choice but called an HVAC Repair company to take a look at the broken unit. The repair technician showed up around an hour later, and his diagnosis required a major part of the unit ready to give up and needed replacement. What else could be the worst thing that could happen during a triple digit temperature at noon time than having a broken air conditioning unit that needed repair and cost hundreds of dollars in parts and service labor.

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August 27, 2008

A Glance At Extreme Weather Conditions In The USA

I notice how different the weather can be depending on where you live in the United States. In the west like CA, the weather can go extremely hot specially on the summer season, and there are times that gust and wind conditions in a dry, hot days are high fire danger. On the northwest like Washington and Oregon, they normally have rain and clouds there, and during winter season, it can get really cold and icy out there, just like most northern states. Living in the southern states are also vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical depressions. And in the mid US, some of the states are part of what is called the tornado alley, states where tornadoes are likely to hit and pass. No one really wants to experience any of these extreme weather conditions. If we can ever control the weather, we all probably want a nice cool summer day!

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August 17, 2008

Heating Up At The Water Cube In Beijing China

The swimming competition for the Summer Olympics was heating up the other day at Water Cube in Beijing China as Michael Phelps of USA Team snatched another gold medal by one and one hundred of a second, a win that was just a fingertip ahead from the silver medalist! This Gold Medal winning of Michael Phelps was his 7th Gold Medal winning for the Beijing Olympics alone, which broke the World Record that Mark Spitz achieved way back in 1972 Olympics as he went home with seven (7) Gold Medal in a single Olympic season. The Summer Olympics in Beijing China is not yet over, so there is still more chance for Michael Phelps to win even more Gold Medals for swimming, adding to his already breaking record seven (7) gold medals winning! Big horray to Michael Phelps for his epic winning Olympic achievement and making swimming history.

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August 13, 2008

Gymnastics Team Showdown

It was a close fight between USA team and China team in the fight for a Gold Medal in the Gymnastics Team Showdown last night at Summer Olympics in Beijing China. Before the floor exercise, the USA team only needed one point to even the score with the China team. It all came down for the USA team to perform great at floor exercise with very few room for error, but the China team did a really great job and showmanship at the floor exercise which kept their score high, and the few mistakes that the USA team unintentionally committed definitely hurt their overall score that resulted in 2.3+ points leads for the China team in the gymnastic team showdown and China Team won the Gold Medal.

Overall, it was a very close fight and both teams put up great showmanship. All the athletes in the gymnastic teams, both USA and China, have such incredible talents, that take years of practice and hardwork to master. Gold or silver medal, they should be all proud for making that far, either way, it is a great accomplishment on their part because there are only very few people who can perform those artistic twisting, flipping and flying!

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August 12, 2008

Watch Nim Save Her Island

I have just seen the beautiful island of Nim and Nim herself through a dvd! We just watched the movie Nim's Island this week and I am giving it 10 points in a rating with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest! Nim's Island movie is guarantee to make you laugh and perfect movie for the entire family. By far, one of the best, hilarious, and fun movie Ive seen this year!

See that cute girl from the movie Little Miss Sunshine as she shine again in her new movie as the she save a remote island in the pacific from all uninvited intruders, you wont believe who the unvited guests are, find it out yourself by watching the movie! Nim and her father have been living in an undiscovered island, an island they call home, somewhere in the remote area of the vast pacific ocean. In the movie, you will also meet Nims loyal friends in the island including a lizzard and a seal!

If this movie, Nim's Island, will not make you laugh, i have no idea what else will, you are probably so tired and fall asleep on your seat (just kidding). If you have seen the movie, would be glad to hear what you think.

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August 9, 2008

Spectacular Grand Opening Ceremony In Beijing

Many of those who didnt make it to Beijing China to witness the Grand Opening Ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympics, shared the same enthusiam like the 90,000 plus people who where in the Beijing Olympics Stadium, by watching the grandest Grand Opening Ceremony for the Summer Olympics on telivision. It was a spectacular display of mass performers playing in unison, fireworks display, and technology innovations roled into one magnificient night, purposely planned for years to wow and impress the crowd, which i think it did just that!

The Grand Opening for the 2008 Summer Olympics celebration in Beijing 2008 was so spectacular that it possibly set the bar higher and harder to match, that may put a strain and put a challenge on the next hosting nation!

Good luck to all the 2008 Summer Olympics players, play hard and play well, and go for the gold!

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August 1, 2008

A Trip To An Antique Store

We went to the shopping center to buy some stuff today. On our way out from one of the store, we saw an antique mall nearby that we never been before. We decided to check it out and we didnt realize until we came in how huge the place was and it was full of antiques! We felt like we just step into a time machine or something because there were variety of items that normally not available in regular stores nowadays, except in antique stores. There were antique furnitures, appliances, decorations, paintings, clothings, pictures, figurines, and a lot lot more. I always find it very interesting to go inside antique stores, because i enjoy checking out all the unique pieces they have available, just for the fun of seeing cool stuff. Although, we didnt buy anything today at the antique stores, there were times in the past that I ended up purchasing some items from an antique store. What about you, do you buy antiques? Or do you buy the modern items instead and let the past things be past?

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July 30, 2008

Fashion Designer Reality Show

So exciting that our new cable tv program package have Bravo channel included in it because we just found bunch of new shows to watch on tv. One of the new show that I watch is Project Runway, a reality competition between fashion designers competing to make it big in the fashion world as a designer. Although, this is the first time that I have watch the show, this is already the fifth season of Project Runaway. It is great to see the innovations, creativity, and style that each of the fashion designer contestant was able to put into the table and create some unique pieces of clothes. I love fashion and clothes, and its cool to see all these fashion designers competing against each other and show off their talents and style, and prove to the world that they have what it takes. If you love fashion, runway and clothes, you will definitely dig into this reality tv competition show.

July 12, 2008

Planned Grocery Trips

With the growing concern of high gas prices, there is no reason to have multiple trips several times a week going into the grocery store whenever you want or need to buy something. If possible, plan in advance all incoming trips and try to merge them into one single trip and save a lot of travel gas and time! Whenever you run out an item in the kitchen, put that item in your shopping list right away. Once you have enough things on your list that you cannot live without for another day longer, then maybe it is time to run to the grocery again, buying more things in the list, instead of buying them one by one. If you plan to shop at multiple groceries stores in a day, it is best to plan the flow of your iterinary inorder to get the maximum things done shopping at the least amount of time.

All Things For The Baby

When it comes to baby stuff, one perfect place where you can find all kinds of baby items is at BabyThings4u website! Whether you are looking to shop for an item for your little girl or boy, your grand kid, or your niece or nephew, look for it at, where they carry all types of products specializing in babies and infants. At BabyThings4u you will find unique and cute pieces great for your special little one including pushchairs, baby prams, carriers, beds, toys, and a lot lot more. Not only do they have huge selection of items for the baby but they also carry widely-sought named brands, popular brands that are trusted by many for years and years, giving you the confidence to buy reliable and quality products.

So next time you need something for your baby girl or boy, make sure to check out website, because that is what they do best, they carry all things nice, cute, or useful for the baby. Their website is so easy to navigate, definitely designed with user in mind, giving you several different options to find that one item you are looking for! For your convenience, you can easily browse their products online by brand names or by product type, so if you know what you are looking for, you can go to the specific category right away without wasting valuable time.

No More Ironing Of Clothes

When I was growing up, i remember that every single clothe we had were being ironed one by one, quite an exhilarating task! Not only was ironing each single clothe very time consuming, but it also consumed a lot of energy specially when we use the electric iron. Although, there are some clothes, no matter what, do needs to be ironed because they are naturally wrinkly fabric and sometimes have pleats and lines that needs to be maintained to keep its shapes and design, like office uniforms, etc. These days, I hardly iron any clothes at all. My energy saving technique? Instead of dumping newly washed clothes into the to-fold basket and waited a day or two to sort everything out, I make sure that I take the time to fold or hang each of the clothes right after drying them, so the clothes are freshly pulled out of the dryer when they are still unwrinkled from the heat of the dryer. If I will wait few hours or days before folding or hanging them, each clothes usually starts to get wrinkly from the positioned they are stored, as they cool off from the dryer. So by folding them right away, fresh from the dryer, many clothes hardly need any ironing, and its definitely energy saving for us!

By the way, i heard that steamer are great to unwrinkle clothes as well. Steamer device is getting very popular nowadays!

June 20, 2008

Tomato Scare

This past few weeks theres been a nationwide news spread about the concern of positive results of salmonella in many tomatoes. Its been in the news that theres been dozens of people that got affected by these infected tomatoes.

As a result of these infected tomatoes, several food and dining establishment are affected by this health issues. Many recipes and food preparations have tomatoes ingredient in them like sandwhiches, pastas, tortillas, tacos, etc.

Tomatoes are such important ingredient in some recipes, not having tomatoes in them definitely wont taste as good. Although, there might be some restaurants that go through tests and got approve of having safe using tomatoes and still use tomatoes in their menus. How concern are you of eating or not eating tomatoes nowadays since the breakout of salmonella issues?

May 12, 2008

PS I Love You Movie

We recently bought the movie, P.S. I Love You, and I should say that it is definitely one of the most romantic movie I have ever seen in awhile. The movie is heartwarming but sad at the same time. And if you have the tendency to cry and get emotional in a certain movie, then this movie might be one of those movie that will melt your heart away, so keep those tissue handy, just incase you shed a tear or two! Many scenes of the movie P.S. I Love You were filmed in Ireland, and it is such a beautiful country with gorgeous landscape and lush green environment. So if you are looking for a romantic movie then the movie P.S. I Love You might be something that you will truly enjoy watching.

May 6, 2008

Our Moose Bumped The Screen Door

We recently installed a new screen door for the door inorder to add more ventilation inside the house specially this summer time when every little bit of air breeze will definitely help.

Earlier this evening, our pet dog whom we regularly call a moose because she likes to moose around a lot, was outside for a potty call. We decided to let our pet dog stayed outside for a while so she can stretch and unwind a little bit more. So we decided to have the screen door close while waiting for her inorder to keep the bugs like mosquitoes out. Our lights inside the house was on and it was dark outside, so the screen door almost look invisible, atleast to our dog anyway, because all of a sudden we heard a big bang coming from the screen door. We realized that our dog run fast towards the door and didnt realize that the screen door was there. She ended up bending the screen door framing. She back up away from the screen door, and probably realized her big oppsy, sat in front of it and waited for us to open the screen door for her.

Note: Our dog is okey and doing great...relaxing right now....

Shopping Cart Software

Did you ever wish to own your very own online store but unsure where or how to start? Specially that as technology becomes more popular and in demand, it becomes more and more complicated and powerful, but at the same time software developers make it more easier and easier for non-technical people to utilize this powerful tool by developing turn-key solutions. In the past, owning and developing an online store is quite complicated process because do so it calls for highly technical staff to develop the software that will run as the backend of an online store. Nowadays, inorder to open an online store, all you need is a pre-designed online store software that doesnt require any complicated coding or programming. Simply add your products and you are ready to set your online store live.

Ashop Commerce is a leading provider of shopping cart software here in the US. So why not try Ashop turn-key solution for ecommerce, and be one step closer to realizing your online store. If you are not sure how AShop operates, try their free trial offer so that you can familiarize yourself with how their software works and get the feel of their product so that you will experience yourself how easy it really is to open up your every own online store.

May 1, 2008

Asian Excellence Award TV Show

I went through the TV guide and came across the show Asian Excellence Award 2008. I never heard nor heard of such show before, so I decided to watch it. The show Asian Excellence Award sponsored by JCPenney is an award cermony recognizing asians who achieve greatly in both films and entertainment industries here in the USA. It is great to know that there are so many asian individuals here in the USA that are talented, greatly recognized for their talents and achievements and are widely popular in either telivisions, big screen, and even international sport competition. One of the main message potrayed in the award ceremony is keep on dreaming.

No matter where you come from, never let anything hold you back. If you have a dream, keep on dreaming because with dedication and hardwork, you too can achieve great things! So keep on dreaming everyone!

April 20, 2008

Meeting Up After More Than Two Decades

When I was a little kid, my uncle visited our place in the Philippines and brought along his son (my cousin) with him. We were very young and more than twenty years had passed since then. Since we live closeby recently, I got hold of my uncle to see if I can get the new cell number of my cousin. We agreed to meet yesterday, gave him some directions how to get to our place. And after several years of not seeing each other, I fininally meet my cousin again, and his daughter, that I just met for the first time yesterday.

It is funny how you know someone and never meet them for years. Sometimes, it is hard to even recognize their faces anymore, all we know is that we are relatives and we know each others names.

April 8, 2008

Spring Time In California

During spring time and summer time, thats when you really feel what California is all about, lots of sun! Its only like yesterday when I came out wearing jackets and long sleeves, but these days been so hot, it is hard to last outside wearing thick clothings anymore.

Personally, I prefer coming out during spring time rather than summer time because the sun is not yet burning hot. The closer it gets to summer time, the more the temperatures goes to three digits and its uncomfortable and quite unsafe to be outside when it gets that hot, specially when you are in the car, the aircon may help while on the road, but getting in and out of the car is usually the worst part in the summer because you need to cool the car down before you can get in, and then after its been setting for awhile under the sun, it gets oven hot...

Currently, we have plenty of blooming daffodils, so its great to see colorful flowers in the yard again specially after months of winter. Last year, we planted hundreds of daffodils bulbs that we bought bulk from a warehouse store, so it is great to finally see all our hardwork come to life :-) Most of the daffodil flowers that we planted last fall are currently blooming for the first time this couple of weeks, so it is definitely worth it doing all the dirty works digging holes, dropping the bulbs in the ground and covering them with dirt! The hardworks and hard labor definitely paid off, big time.

March 31, 2008

Dinner At Ruby Tuesday

We decided to try something new yesterday, so instead of going to our usual places to eat our meals, we decided to check out other restaurant nearby. We passed by Ruby Tuesday restaurant quite often on a busy street, so we decided to check out their food yesterday. As far as I can recall, we never been to their restaurant before, so we had no idea regarding their menus.

I ordered Asian Salmon and my hubby ordered hamburger with french fries. My order came with steamed brocolli, buttered toasted bread, fried rice with diced fresh tomatoes and the big chunk of salmon meat! I love to eat fish so I find everything great with what I had in my plate. I finished everything except a little leftover on the bread.

Normally, we dont go to little bit of expensive restaurants quite often because like many people nowadays, we are in a budget. Specially with how the economy is doing right now, we usually cook and prepare most of our meals at home! But it is definitely worth to experiment and try out new places youve never been before to widen our horizon and nothing get stagnant. Specially that when it comes to ordering food in our favorite restaurants, I always tend to order the same menu over and over, which is fine knowing that I will have no suprises ahead of me like I will not like the food and have it wasted, but on the other hand, I have no way of knowing what other great surprises awaits other recipes, like a totally pleasant dinner we had last night. We were definitely full and satisfied walking out of the restaurant, and it was definitely worth it.

March 23, 2008

Restaurants Name Things Differently

I cant helped but noticed that some restaurants dont always refer to the same things when it comes to food, particularly regarding noodles! At one time, in a restaurant in Washington, we ordered a chow mein and we got a bean sprouts? Another restaurant, we order chow mein, and we were served egg noodles. Then another time, one restaurant refer a chow mein to an angel haired noodle! I am definitely confused how these restaurants cannot use one term to refer to the same item. How will people know exactly which restaurants use the word chow mein to refer to an egg noodle, and which restaurants use the same word to refer to angel hair noodles, and worse case scenario to refer to a bean sprout?

In the contrary, there are several different types of animal eggs, but the most common ones are from the chicken. But when we order a scrambled egg or an over-easy egg from a restaurant, it is a good thing that it automatically means that we want a chicken egg! This definitely make sense, at least we know what we are ordering and we know what to expect once the plate is served.

But when it comes to ordering noodles, it gets really confusing how some restaurants do use different terminologies to refer to the same thing, while others use the same word to refer to different things.

March 12, 2008

Drive Safely

The reason why I need to talk about driving today is because we just had a heart-pumping experience in the road today! We somehow thankfully managed to escape from a non-attentive driver today, who almost hit us simply because he was using our lane not his, in a two lane road. We were driving towards a blind spot of a winding road, when an incoming big four wheel drive truck was coming towards us very quickly and the truck was more than half in our side. In short, the driver of the truck was using around three feet of our lane. Thank God that both cars were able to swing away from each other before any head-on collision occured. So I am extremely grateful that nothing happened, and everyone is safe in both cars.

I just hope that all drivers out there will always be responsible and always be careful in the road. If you are tired, sleepy, drunk, or dizzy, big favor, dont drive! Better safe, than sorry, wait until you can safely drive and can stay in your own lane. Remember that in a road full of cars, there are lives in each one of them.

March 6, 2008

Back To Italian Restaurant Again

We had a quick drive to downtown, so we decided to swing by the Italian restaurant again. As usual, i ordered the same thing, Fettucini Pesto with Shrimps, and had some warm soup and bread as first the course. We been served by two people today, a waiter took our order and bring them to us, then a waitress did all the follow-ups as far as what else we needed like additional bread and some butter requests. The soup had more veggies this time, so that was cool. But the bread was not as warm as usual, and when we ran out of bread, nobody asked if we wanted more, so we thought that they changed the rules in their restaurant, perhaps no more additional free breads, huh? But later we find out that the bread were still in the oven, as explained by the waitress, when she finally brought fresh from the oven breads! The meal was fantastic, I ended up requesting a box for my leftover again.

After we were done with the meals, we drove off to Walmart to get some groceries. On our way back to the car, while walking in the Walmart parking lot, a lady driving near where we walked slowed down in front of us and uttered our way, How Are You Guys? And we recognized her right away as the lady waitress who just served us like an hour earlier. No wonder why she left us the bill early :-) She handed us the bill of our order, the same time she handed us the food, lol. She was close to sign-off work that time, i guess, and I can understand why she left the bill early, which doesnt happen everytime we go in that restaurant, she probably just want to be able to get the tip before she leave off work, lol.

Anyways, just wanna great everyone a good night! Thanks for your visit here again.

March 2, 2008

No Milk Shake Disappointment

Just few hours ago, while in the car, probably around 7-8 pm, my hubby and I decided to take the straight route instead of turning ninety degrees towards home so that we can stop by at the nearest Jack In The Box place to buy a milkshake, nothing but a milkshake. So we drove down around 3 miles or so towards Jack In The Box to get our favorite milkshake because we presonally think that Jack In The Box milkshake is one of the best that we know, creamy and yummy! When we drove down to their drive-thru section, we noticed that all menu displays were lit and a big paper taped in one of the menu display with black pen writing that says No MILK SHAKE. Grrr, we came all the way there just to get a milkshake, and of all the menu, the one thing not available that time was their milkshake, and it was a complete pisser. So we had no choice but to back up off their drive-thru and headed towards home disappointed and pissed because we wanted the milkshake.

February 29, 2008

Good News To All Bloggers

Good news to all bloggers out there! If you want to earn extra income while blogging, then you should check out bloggerwave because they offer exciting oppurtunities for you to blog about things that may interest you, and best of all, you get paid to do so. If you own a blog and been updating it, then consider signing up today and take this chance to be paid, to do what you already been doing for free on a regular basis.

February 28, 2008

Leap Year This Year

Normally, there are only 365 days in a year, but during a leap year, there is an additional day making it 366 days in a year. So when it is a leap year, instead of having 28 days of a February, there will be 29 days. And leap year only happens every four (4) years, and this year 2008 is a leap year! Today is February 28, so it means that tommorrow will not be March yet, one more day to enjoy February, so hopefully you savor and enjoy the day, it only comes once every 4 years.

According to Wikipedia, a Leap Year (or intercalary year) is:
A year containing one or more extra days (or, in case of lunisolar calendars, an extra month) in order to keep the calendar year synchronised with the astronomical or seasonal year. For example, February would have 29 days in a leap year instead of the usual 28. Seasons and astronomical events do not repeat at an exact number of full days, so a calendar which had the same number of days in each year would over time drift with respect to the event it was supposed to track. By occasionally inserting (or intercalating) an additional day or month into the year, the drift can be corrected. A year which is not a leap year is called a common year.

February 21, 2008

Old Days Typewriters

I remember back in the days when computers are still very uncommon, huge and unpopular, and all we normally used was the mechanical typewriter to write documents. We had the old typewriter one, its even not the electric typewriter, and it was a real pain when we mispelled a single word, it was hard to correct without messing up and thinning the paper doing all the erasures. And inorder to have multiple copies prepared, using carbon paper was such a messy process, it gets to your hands and sometimes it spreads to the nice whitepaper. I am just glad that desktop computers are becoming more popular as well as affordable to common people that allows us nowadays to prepare documents in such an easier and convenient way, no more messsy carbon paper, no more erasing typos with an eraser. Computer definitely change the way we prepare documentation nowadays, and we can even print and reprint a copy whenever we want to as well as correct errors in a breeze without any signs that there was a prior mistake thats been there and corrected. Arent you glad that computer are existing nowadays? Or do you prepare the old ways using the mechanical typewriter?

I found this typing skills exam from Chant page and decided to try it myself. If you are curious regarding my typing skills, here it is:

40 words

February 18, 2008

Magazine Cover Girl

I decided to post this photo because it definitely reminds me of happy times and great times. This was taken in Disney World in Orlando Florida during our visit there at Epcot park, which is by the way, one of the favorite Disney park! They featured different countries there, and it is so nice to see different cultures, all in one huge place. Anyways, here is the result after doing the picture magazine sogtware thingy:

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at
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Thanks Chant for tagging me with this one!

February 15, 2008

Monetizing Your Blog

Calling all bloggers out there, if you currently own and maintain a blog or two, you might be interested to earn some extra income by doing reviews and opinions about company products and services and post such reviews in your blog and get paid by doing so. The best part is, you can do the reviews in your own style and writing, all you need is to add some links within your reviews that will go the company site that requested the review and you get paid for blogging and posting it in your blog.

Smorty is a service company that connects bloggers like you to companies and businesses that want their products and services get reviewed. All you need is a working and updated blog and once your blog meets the minimum criteria and get approved, you can now start adding blog advertising in the form of a post review or opinion. When you get paid to blog with Smorty, you as the blogger have total control which of the opportunities that they give you that you want to accept, so that you are not force to write something that you are not comfortable writing about or something that you are not knowledgeable of.

So if you already own a blog and have the spare time to do blogging, why not
get paid to blog and get compensated for your time and effort talking about products and services of businesses and companies.

February 12, 2008

Hello My Friend

Why God Made Friends

God made the world with a heart full of love
Then He looked down from heaven above
And saw that we all need a helping hand
Someone to share with, who`ll understand
He made special people to see us through
In times of happiness and in sadness
A person whom we can always depend
Someone we can call a friend

Thank you JaJa for awarding me with this one and for being a nice friend too! I would like to pass this beautiful friendship tag to my following friends:

February 8, 2008

Ecommerce Software Solution

Internet technology is getting even popular nowadays and there is a huge potential for any business to achieve online success that definitely entices and encourages everyone to have a piece of the pie. Online revenues generated each year by some online businesses and retailers are growing rapidly by the millions. Most people worldwide now have an online access and browsing the internet and shopping online is becoming a way of life for many individuals around the world.

If you have products or ideas that you want to sell online and get the chance to tap into these huge marketplace, then you need an online store or website where you can post your product inventories and allow buyers to purchase items through the internet. To start, you need an ecommerce software which is a program specifically designed to sell products on the internet. Ecommerce software already includes shopping cart capabilty, so all you really need to worry about is having the product to sell. After adding your product informations in the shopping cart software, your online store is setup-ready to go live and be accessible thru the internet.

February 7, 2008

Spread The Message Of Love

I just got a email forward from a friend, and its very interesting message from the Bible, that one way or the other, we came across, or have heard before in our life. But whoever it was, that surely had eye-for-details noticed that this phrase in the Bible actually have a hidden word in it:

'For God so loV ed the world,
That He gAve
His onLy
That whosoever
Believeth In Him
Should Not perish,
But have Everlasting life.'

John 3:16

Send it around the World! Spread this message of LOVE. Let see if this message will make it around the world by February 14th!

Lets Spread This Message of LOVE!
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And to all my blogger friends whose blogs are NOT LISTED here yet.. it's your turn guys! Grab it here.. And I would like to pass this Valentine Meme to all my fellow co-bloggers listed here:

February 4, 2008

Ground Hog Day

The other day, February 2 2007, was officially called the Ground Hog Day. I am personally not familiar with the animal Ground Hog, but according to my hubby that Ground Hog day is determining if winter is over or not yet over. When you lift the Ground Hog up into the air, and if it will create a shadow, then it means that there is still six (6) more weeks of winter! On the other hand, if the Ground Hog will not create a shadow when its lifted up, then it means that winter will be ending soon.

While watching the telivision the other day, on Ground Hog Day, we came across a NEWS show at KCRA and they had a segment in their show regarding the Ground Hog Day, where they actually had a Ground Hog animal that they lifted up, and guess what, it created a shadow! And you know what it means, there is six more weeks of winter! And we are so so ready to have some sunshine right now.

We live in CA so its dry and hot here during the summer, so we could definitely take more snow to give some more moisture in the ground, but not yet, because the snow that we had from all the successive winter storms that we had these past few weeks are still not melting, and we dont want to add anymore feet of snow in the file, that are quickly turning into heavy ice. We live near Lake Tahoe, if you are wondering how come we have snow here in northern CA!

February 2, 2008

Disclosure Policy

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Effective Date: January 1 2007

January 25, 2008

What They Say About December 21 2012

The other day (Jan 21 2008), we happened to bumped into a documentary show in the History Channel titled Decoding The Past. We were not quite certain what the show was all about, but we watched it anyway. Decoding The Past show told about the different predictions for the future, about what will happen, and sometimes when it will happen. But the eerrie part mentioned in the show is the prediction that were told by both the Mayans calendar and the I Ching. I dont know how true and how accurate they really are, but according to the Mayans calendar and the I Ching pattern that on December 21, 2012 there will be a planetary alignment that will drastically change the polarity of the earth. The polar change would mean a shift in the the location of north, east, west and south. This major shift of the poles when it happen could possibly trigger major earthquakes, volcanos to errupt, and tsunami occurrences too.

I personally dont know if such prediction is accurate and true, but according to the aired tv show, many predictions as predicted by the Mayans calendar and the I Ching came true. And since December 21 2012 is like four year from now, it is definitely hard to imagine! Definitely a very unexpected news and prediction, and I personally not ready for such a thing to happen. What about you, have you heard of these predictions? And what are your views and thoughts on these issues?

January 20, 2008

Sunday And Gloomy

One of my favorite day of the week is Sunday, its a weekend, no rush waking up, no rush going somewhere. But when I opened the Weather Channel this morning the forecast for our area is gonna be raining for the rest of the week, supposedly starting tommorrow Monday and up to around Thursday. But i think the rain storm is moving in early, because it looks cold and dark outside with all the rain clouds moving in already here in northern CA. There is no sign of the blue sky nor the sun, just gray sky in sight.

But on the brighter side, we are not going somewhere today, we can just relax, watch TV, or do some blogging. We have leftover spaghetti sauce from the other night, and some Round Table King Arthur Supreme Pizza from last night, so its gonna be a tasteful meal without having to go through a lot of work cooking. I just need to boil some water and cook some spaghetti noodles to go with the left-over sauce. Might have to eat the spaghetti meal first because its older compare to the pizza and i think spaghetti sauce cannot be stored very long time even when refrigerated, or its gonna spoil.

Normally, when we prepare spaghetti sauce, we take note of the cooking date to make sure that we know how long its been in the refrigerator. When its more than 4-7 days old, we usually dont use it anymore, I am not certain the shelf-life of spaghetti sauce, but sometimes its always better to be safe than sorry, having it set for so long in the refrigerator might be unhealthy, so its important that you know the date of cooking so you can decide when its too old to eat anymore.

January 12, 2008

Warm Air In And Cold Air Out

During winter times, we usually keep the heater on whole day. Many households have automatic timers for their heater nowadays so that it will automatically turn on and off according to the specified temperature. But even if we have heaters, fireplaces, gas heater, and/or wood burning stove on most days during winter or cold season, there is no excuse why we should waste heat energy and not be economical about our heat resources. To save some on your electricity bill, gas, wood, or wood pellets, trying to make your home warm this season, there are some things that we can do to make the house warm and stay warm:

Windows Closed Tight. If possible, dont open the windows because it will be wide route for the warm air in the house to escape right away, and you are allowing the cold air outside to go into the house easier, which would make the house colder faster everytime you often the windows. If you have blinds and drapes in your window, it would be better if you close them to so that it will help block the cold even more. Drapes with lining works the best in blocking the cold in the window, and keeping the warm air in.

Open Doors Only When Needed. Just like the windows, doors are big opening that will easily allow warm air to escape and let the cold air to get in. Try to minimize opening the door all the time, only open them when you needed to, and dont let it open too long because it will only take few minutes for the air to escape, and before you know it, you need to turn your heater up again, eating more energy.

Temporary Seal Unused Vents. For example, if you are using the wood burning stove, not the central electric heater in the house, then you might want to try to cover the heater vents (only if they are in used), specially if they are run through the areas in your house that are not insulated, and the vent is not wrapped with insulation. Non-insulated heater vents that have direct exposure to the temperature outside, and is connected directly to several rooms of the house, will be another way for cold air to get through inside.

January 10, 2008 Transition

To all my blog readers and visitors, I would like to let you know that I finally got the domain name running for this blog, MAKE LIFE UNEXPECTED. Instead of the old one,, the new domain name for this blog is now The old one still works, and will be automatically forwarded to the new domain, though.

It took me awhile to have the domain name hook up, because my registrar could not figure out my request several times. I finally have it running, hopefully you will the take time to ADD my new domain name in you blogrolls or links too, i would truly appreciate it! Thank you so much and have a wonderful day to you.

January 8, 2008

More Places For Coffee Breaks

This morning, I was reading an article in one of the Wall Street Journal newspaper. In the frontpage, the story is talking about McDonalds company planning to add coffee bars to most if not all their McDonalds outlet here in the United States, which according to the article is around 14,000 establishments?

Yes, you read it right, McDonalds coffee bars with stuff like Latte, Cappuchino, Mocha, and all kinds of stuff, similar to what Starbucks Coffee and Java City have been offering for years. Its been months since I saw that tv show in Travel Channel, where they featured about all the unique McDonald outlets in the world. And one of the international outlet that really caught my attention in the show was the coffee shop called McCafe that been successfully operating in a place around Canada, i believe that was in Montreal Canada. I thought, that was so cool, specialized coffee at MdDonalds. Before that tv show, i never knew that there was such thing, a coffee shop or bar operated by McDonalds.

And now, the Wall Street Journal newspaper article mentioned that McDonalds is planning to open up coffee bars in most of the current McDonalds outlet! Its definitely a major competition for the big coffee giants like Starbucks. We love Starbucks coffee, as well as Java City coffees, so its gonna be quite interesting to taste the newcomer, McDonalds coffees, and decide how good they taste as well. So I cannot wait to be able to finally drop by in one of their new coffee bar, once they open up in our area.

Personally, I think, with McDonalds new coffee bars coming up here in the USA, its gonna be cool, more choices for the consumers, and hopefully, competitions will cause some prices of coffees lowered down a little bit and becomes more affordable for more people! So its a good thing in a way, specially in the side of the consumers. What about you, what do you think of having more coffee shops around, where you can have more choices as to where to buy your latte or cappuccino or mocha?

January 7, 2008

Accent Your Home With Quality Lightings

No matter how much you spend on your interior or outdoor decorating, without the proper lightings, and without right lamp design and architecture to match the decorating theme, the appeal of the place will somehow feel like there is something missing and incomplete. In most cases, when it comes to home and office decorating, using the right lightings to put in the room or outside is an important part to make the whole project complete and stands out like you intended to achieve. But finding that one particular lighting design that works best for your decorating project might not be an easy thing to do if you are looking at the wrong places in the first place. You might have a specific lighting or lamp design architecture in mind, but finding that particular design might be quite a task if you look in a store that does not really offer you a lot of options to look for the one lamp or lighting that closely match what you are looking for. So if you are serious about getting the right quality lighting for your indoor or outdoor decorating project that you need, Upscale Lighting homepage offers all kinds of different styles and types of lightings or lamps that you can choose like chandeliers, lamp shades, track lightings, bathroom fixtures, lanterns, ceilings lamps, and a lot more. With all the several different choices that you can choose, you are more likely to find that one lighting architecture that you are looking for, that matches your decor at home or office. Browsing through the Upscale Lighting homepage to find the right lamp that you want will definitely be a breeze because the website provides many different ways to browse through their pages like going through the items by type, indoor or outdoor. And if you browse though the Brand Overview of Upscale Lighting you can browse through the different lightings listed by brands. Upscale Lighting offers all kinds of lighting fixtures including hard to find state-of-the-art light bulbs like Lemnis Pharox LED Bulb

January 5, 2008

Cold And Flu Battle

Winter time is usually the season that triggers cold and flu. It is a nastly virus that you can easily get all around you. But there are measures that you can take to help prevent or avoid spreading cold and flu.

Cold and flu are usually transmitted thru the eyes and nose. In this regard, try to be careful that you do not infect your eyes and nose with anything that is contaminated with cold and flu germs. One common habit that people do is touching things and then unknowingly rub the eyes and nose afterwards. But if you wash you hands frequently, the germs that you picked up with your hands, will not be transfered thru your nose and eyes.

Try to avoid crowed area, specially in places where there are a lot of people that are sick like sneezing or coughing. But if you have to be in these places, try to cover your mouth and nose with clean handkerchief so that you wont eventually inhale and partake the cold and flu germs that are possibly spread in the air, by other people in the crowd.

If you have cold and flu, be considerate, and take extra careful to make sure that you wont spread the germs around you and to your love ones. If you have to sneeze or cough, try covering your mouth and nose in between your elbow, not your hands, so that the germs will not transfered to your hands, and then later on you use your hands to touch things, and get contaminated.

If you have cold and flu, it might help you feel better to take great amount of Vitamin C, which you can get from fruits, vitamin C supplement. To make you feel better, try to have a nice warm chicken soup to help you feel better.

Try to always take the time to sanitize things in your homes and office that are frequently used using hands like computer keyboards, telephone, door handles, toilet seats, and more.

Try to get flu vaccine that you can usually get in many clinics and pharmacies in most places. If you have medicare coverage, flu vaccination might be covered, but if not, expect to pay around $15 to $50 per person flu vaccine. The price you pay usually depends largely on the group or specialist that offers and administer the vaccination service.

And sometimes, its not good to take matters all by yourself. If you feel really sick, see a physician, and seek a doctors advice, to know what are options that you can take to help you with your cold and flu battle.

January 4, 2008

After Christmas Sale Brings Huge Savings

My hubby and I truly like the After Christmas sales, where most seasonal items like Christmas gifts and decors are marked down generously in most stores! So generous, you can usually expect around 65 to 75 percent off specially during this time of year, more than a week after Christmas. The good thing about After Christmas shopping is that all items that you buy that time, you can definitely use the following year and the years to come! The only main difference between shopping before Christmas, and after Christmas is the huge savings that you make.

We just went shopping at Walmart today, checking out their leftover Christmas gifts and decors, all marked up 75 percent off! We grabbed a lot of stuff, and everything totalled to only around thirty (30) dollars in christmas items. But if we had bought all those items at normal prices, we could had paid around one hundred twenty (120) dollars! So it is saving us ninety (90) dollars by buying them this week. We will just store them properly for the year, and looking forward to using them for next holiday! Its not about being cheap, its about saving and being wise about shopping.

January 3, 2008

Between Leather And Fabric Materials

Do you have strong preference as far as what type of material your living room chiar, or car seats should be made of? This always not an easy choice for me because of the pros and cons of each of these materials:

Leather. They are more durable, sturdy and can handle pretty much rough and tough sometimes, maybe not the extremes. Leathers are also easily to clean and maintain, just wipe spilled stuff and you are pretty much done. You can also buy special treatment to make leather materials looking new and nice. But the problem with leather is that it can get really cold when its cold, and when a person is sweaty, your skin will stick kinda gluey in the material, eeww. Also if you are going with a more feminine, colorful, traditional, or tropical decors, leather wont match with the theme very well. And its not like you can buy another sofa/seats everytime you change the room or car theme. But for car leather with lighter color tone like beige, if might just work...

Fabric Material. I personally would prefer fabric material over leather because of the pros: more soft and gentle, wont stick to your skin when you sweat and of course they are not totally dependent on the room temperature, you can seat there comfortable because it wont feel like you are seating on a cement or vinyl when its cold, and it wont affect comfort and feel that much even when its hot in the room. Fabric material also have softer look that easily goes well with different types of home decorating themes. The problem with fabric is that, if you spill or spoil something in there, it could possibly ruin the whole fabric and it will be hard to clean specially if the fabric is a permanent cover, stapled and hammered to fit perfectly, not a slip cover, which you can just remove and wash!

What about you? Which material do you prefer as a seat cover for both your living room chairs and car seats?

January 2, 2008

My Mission Organization

I am definitely someone who likes to organize things around the house. But recently, I can see a lot of chaos and misplaced things all around the desk, floors, and table. As much as I can, I try to take time to organized, but if living space and storage space are an issue, then getting orgranized by putting things in proper places is definitely harder to achieve.

So this New Year 2008, i wish to declutter things, segragate stuff all around. And I want to share some of my techniques I used to organize stuff. Things and practices that works for me when I am organizing:

Handy Garbage Bin. Whichever room I am organizing at that instant, I always have a garbage can next to me, where I can put all the throw aways, so that I dont have to deal with them again another time if set them in the floor, the bed, or table. If an item is garbage, then it should be put in the garbage right away so that I dont deal with the same things twice later on.

Paper Bin for Shreddables. There are some paperworks and old records that are definitely not worth keeping but are taking some space in the house. But some of these paperworks contents sensitive information that you might not want to share with whoever decides to lurk around your trash files. So I always have a paper bin where I can throw the papers that needs to be shreded. I usually just shred them later in a day or two, when I can, that way I dont have to stop the sorting job to shred the papers.

Group Things By Type. I usually make designated temporary locations, with imagenary lines where I place things by type like all the papers here, the books there, breakables here, seasonal decors there, crafting stuff, toys, clothings, etc. Once I finished grouping everything by type, then I go through each of the items per group, and which one I want to store, which one I want to use, and which one I want to throw away or donate.

Box Things Up. For things that I dont use often on a daily basis like seasonal decors, or toys, or collectibles, I usually like to put them in storage boxes. It is important and necessary that I label each of the boxes and put a summary of the contents and stick them outside the box so that if we need one thing in the box, we dont have to open all boxes, just to look for one item. If the labels placed in each boxes, it is easier just to read the labels and know what are inside the box. No more finding the needle in the hay stack.

Containers, Containers, Containers. Containers comes really handy regardless the size: small, medium, large containers. All like things together in a container, make things so much easier to find them later on. Small things like clips and pins would be ideal stored in smaller containers, while volleyballs and other sporting goods might need large boxes. There are several types of cute, stylish, and matching containers in all types of shapes and sizes that you can easily buy in several stores nowadays. By using these decorative and artistic containers, no more worrying about home theme decor eye sore specially when placed in a visible locations of the house.

Folders and Binders. There are all kinds of paper works, so I usually grab the puncher and organized most of the papers in a nice way but putting them in binders, one binder for tax papers, another binder for insurances, a binder for manuals, etc. Most binders are easy to put labels into, so that you can find the very paper you are looking for without having to go through a mountful of papers filed together in a desk with no labels.

So hopefully, we all can start the New Year with a more organized and less clutter environment for a relaxing and non-stressful year. Happy New Year 2008!

Written by: JAZEVOX. All Rights Reserved.

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